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Remember that the Philippine government reached a ‘peace deal’ with Muslim separatists this past October 7th? They are only fooling themselves that this will end it. Some new perceived slight will be invented to try and move the goal posts forward to full statehood. Then the state itself will be at continual war with the Philippine people until they submit to Islam.

So to with the Thai government. They are still acting under the false premise that these Muslims are only reacting in the way they are, due to some ”injustice” by the government. With each act of appeasement, they only embolden these Muslims to try for more. Remember, each time the Israeli government tried to reach an accommodation with the Arabs in the disputed territories, it was flat out rejected.

That is the nature of Islam. 

H/T: Fjordman via Jihad Watch

Eleven Dead in Thai Militant Attacks: Police

Suspected Muslim militants have shot dead 11 people including three paramilitary rangers in a single day of bloodshed in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued deep south, police said Tuesday.


The authorities said in August they were holding informal peace talks with some Muslim insurgent groups, in an apparent policy reversal that followed a spike in attacks.

“Some militant groups don’t want a peaceful solution so they look for an opportunity to terrorize people,” southern army spokesman Colonel Pramote Prom-in told AFP on Tuesday.

“We’re trying to find measures to prevent this kind of violence but still haven’t succeeded,” he added.

The militants are not thought to be part of a global jihad movement but are rebelling against a history of perceived discrimination against ethnic Malay Muslims by successive Thai governments and alleged rights abuses by the army.


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  1. It’s not possible to have peace with savage Muslims when Islam commands them to fight until everyone submit to Islam. Not possible at all. I hope everyone can recognize this danger and stop Muslim immigration to their country. The worst that anyone can do is to not recognize that it is Islam’s command and to blame themselves for Muslims short comings and savagery. Doing so is just self defeat.

  2. Savage Muslims will always make themselves to be the victim. ALWAYS, even when savage Muslims are doing all the killings!

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