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There’s an obvious comparison here, but for different reasons and with better results. The British, French, German, Portuguese and Dutch all had colonies in China, and with them came the importation of their culture, which included their values, mores and economic system. The locals might have not liked the military superiority of these economic powers, but they enjoyed the economic dividends, values and luxuries made available in the trade off.

What rational minded person can say the same about the importation of Muslim ”values” from areas where their own culture has made a basket case of their homelands? What ‘genius’ can upon insist the importation of a counter-productive culture, and be taken seriously?

Having a kebab shop or a clothing store is not ”multiculturalism, it’s not the same as the importation of a whole wide range of culture loaded values, alien to that of the indigenous community, and being forced to accommodate them. At least the Chinese respected the values and the economic system the West brought….just look at both Hong Kong and Macau.

UPDATE: Cecilie Gamst Berg in Hong Kong sends us the following pic, “thank Teddy Cheung! He has all the best British stuff.”:

The Golden Quote:

“If you want to celebrate your holidays, I don’t care, I don’t care, just don’t try to insert your culture, which obviously isn’t working, into ours which does.”

Mayor of city in Maine has a problem with Somalis not integrating themselves into the local culture.

h/t Vlad via SDmatt

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  1. HOORAY for the mayor!!! It was Teddy Cheung who posted the postbox. He and quite a few others insist that Elizabeth II is the queen of Hong Kong. They flew the old colonial flag on China’s national day. Good on them!

    1. I love it! Thanks Cecilie, you and your mates in Hong Kong are the treasures worth celebrating.

  2. Truth be told, ethnic violence among imported Muslims is already rampant in the West as a consequence of lackadaisical immigration legislation. Afghan vs. Afghan violence in Belgium, Chechens fighting Afghans/Kurds in Belgian asylum centers, Turkish Grey Wolves fighting PKK Kurds. Didn’t I read about Somalis fighting Kurds in Sweden, to name just another thing ?

    How these “people” add something of value to our society has been a mystery to me. I suppose we have to “thank” the pervasive disorder – called universalism – of socialism, the EU and the UN for it. Import abject poverty, barbarism, anti-intellectualism and violence into a country and the average indigenous citizen will “reap the rewards of multiculturalism”.

    There will come a day when the ruse of Islam’s supposed tolerance is going to be wearing very thin in everyone’s mind, indeed.

  3. Several buildings were destroyed in each of three separate fires in Lewiston over the past week or so. Local firefighters say Somalian immigrants directly interfered with the firefighting operations, taunting firefighters and throwing firefighting equipment around.

    The first fire was started by a 12-year-old with a common Anglo-American name (his name was reported). The second fire was started by another 12-year-old whose name has not been released (thought someone let it slip that a translator was required at hearings). It is not known what caused the third fire.

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