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Shhhhhhh, the stamping out of free speech is done in the name of ‘social cohesion’.

But guess what? The council knows that these Christians won’t be throwing firebombs and following council members to their homes to intimidate them, so they act against them in the most egregious way, banning their right to free assembly, just because they disagree with their views.

Imagine if a group of atheists were handing out  leaflets showing their views of Christianity, and then the state moves in and bans their free speech rights, in the name of safeguarding ‘social cohesion’. How many civil liberties groups would be rushing to their defense, as they should?

NOTE: Wake up people, or you will loose your hard won liberties for the sake of pacifying an intolerant group who refuse your mores and civil liberties.

 “Pastor Alan Clifford said the church were now working with the Christian Institute on the matter and would appeal in the hope “the council will see sense and see how they are violating our freedom of speech”.

Our first response was one of surprise. We felt this a violation of freedom of speech and I was accused of hate motivation in producing this leaflet. It’s an intolerance from the city council acting  in a high and mighty manner as we’ve had it confirmed by Norfolk Police – who’ve inspected the document – there is no crime involved,” he said.

More here. H/T: Vlad

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  1. Dr Alan Clifford has been openly stating Islam and Muslim threat to Britain and the West. A few years ago, he was threatened with prosecution by the then Labour government. This was on top of the regular death threats he gets from the RoP.

  2. Obviously the cowards in control are afraid of what the truth, the facts might create. They seem to have more respect for pissed off muslims than their own people. How long will the people allow the government to create more powerful bullies? It makes absolutely no sense. And what happened to free speech?

  3. If you ban the church bookstall, then you effectively ban the church and if you ban the church you reject God and if you reject God in this manner, ye shall reap what ye shall sow.

    This is absolutely disgusting.

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