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Obama, (or as Ann Coulter calls him: “The half-black, private-schooled Hawaiian”) is trying to ”sound black” in the video from 2007, and comes off sounding a bit pale, the white half of him failed to deliver. That said, (good speech cadence or bad) who talks like this as an acting senator in the first place?

The man was unashamedly demagoging the tragedy that befell the victims of hurricane Katrina, with outright lying that the government didn’t fund New Orleans as it had done with NYC after the 9/11 attacks. The intention was to cement the meme into teh minds of these potential voters that Republicans don’t like Black folks.

Riling people up with falsehoods is the mark of a demagogue. Go to the ten minute mark of the Levin broadcast, and here it, and what Mark has to say.

NOTE: Levin notes that Obama voted against the Staffor act, on multiple occasions.

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