Report: Did Eric Holder Participate in ‘Armed’ Occupation of Columbia ROTC Office?

Daily Caller:

Eric Holder

The Daily Caller is reporting that the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official, Attorney General Eric Holder, participated in what has been described by some as an “armed” takeover of Columbia University’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) office in 1970.

Apparently Holder was one of the leaders of the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS) that demanded the abandoned ROTC center be transformed into the “Malcom X Lounge.”

Holder described the five-day event during a 2010 commencement speech: “[Several] of us took one of our concerns — that black students needed a designated space to gather on campus — to the Dean [of Freshmen]’office. This being Columbia, we proceeded to occupy that office.”

Holder, however, recalls the event as being “peaceful.”

The Daily Caller continues:

The details of the student-led occupation, including the claim that the raiders were “armed,” come from a deleted Web page of the Black Students’ Organization (BSO) at Columbia, a successor group to the SAASContemporary newspaper accounts in The Columbia Daily Spectator, a student newspaper, did not mention weapons.

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  1. The picture speaks a thousand words. It’s no surprise that Holder was once a black supremacist… because he remains one today. Thanks for reporting this, Tundra.

    P.S. Wilders just got the visa to Australia!

    Counter-Jihad – 1
    Multiculturalists – 0

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