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  1. Notice the reaction of the veiled muslima in both David Pettey’s (Act for America) and ICLA’s Alain Wagner’s video clip . . .she removes her headphones as soon as she realizes these individuals speak for the rejection of imposed sharia.

    1. Yes you’re right! What a hoot. Apparently she got an ear full.

  2. Can we get some info on what this was all about? What was the meeting about? Where is this guy from, and does he hold an official position?

    This was ACE!

    1. NoBama, the OSCE is a decades old international European organization founded by joint US and EEC (now EU) cooperation to monitor the state of European ”security and cooperation between the various states and societal groups during the Cold War period. The US is involved in it..I believe it was formed under NATO auspices but im not sure, but the US as a NATO member is in fact included in the OSCE, which up to this point, has secured first amendment understandings in the free speech dept. of OSCE proceedings.

  3. Nobama, try here: via: ICLA, “OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting Opens in Warsaw Today (Sept. 24th, 2012)

    The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) will be represented at various points at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation meeting that opens in Warsaw today. We are at a crucial juncture when fate of human rights as traditionally understood hangs in the balance.

    The continuing efforts of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to undermine freedom of expression are the main threat to human rights in the world today. Since it is freedom of expression that guarantees the right to freedom of religion and not the other way around religious freedom is also in grave danger.

    Then you can follow all the updates at ICLA International Civil Liberties Alliance

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