I have been live blogging the OSCE event taking place in Warsaw Poland, and the rep from CAIR affiliate in Canada just hurled a major bombshell at the meeting, From Europe News’s Facebook page:

5:28: CAIR Canada openly requests the abolishment of secularism as a principle of society, for the reason that ‘Secularism’ constitutes only another belief, that should not be granted special status.

Further, she emphasizes that we should obey and respect all law set up by the State (that would include blasphemy laws), and respect to refrain from what the State considers illegal, in order that we can have harmonic co-existence in the future.

She refers to the past history of various etnic minorities, how prejudices against those have historically existed, and suggests that the percieved problems with Muslims are nothing unusual, and should not be considered a problem in itself.

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  1. If they do not like the laws of our land, they should leave. let Canada remain true north strong and free!

    1. …more than that – it’s a complete political system!

      1. Poltical? Ya think?

        Yes, so political in fact that its status as a religion is a simple pretext. In the states its actions violate the Smith Act, a felony so serious it calls for the death penalty in wartime. What actions? Conspiracy to replace democracy with a form of government not constitutionaly contemplated. I want at least their leadership, but prefer the entire domestic umma, to spend the rest of their natural existence imprisoned. I want all their schools closed and confiscated. I want all the mosques bulldozed. I want all vestige of their ugly existence extirpated from my planet. If this means depopulating the entire Arabian peninsula, so be it. I hope Iran launches a nuclear weapon, so we can irradicate them by the hundreds of millions in a weeks time.

        Aside from this, I have no opinion.

  2. CAIR ought to be punished for treason in Canada and the United States. We don’t want a Sharia state here!

  3. The isla-maniacs have taken over the nuthouse! How is CAIR allowed to spout such drivel? Surely now is the time for people to make a stand against the likes of CAIR in North America and other groups like islam4UK and the countless other lunatic societies that exist!

    If something isn’t done soon I dread to think where we will be in the next 5 to 10 years after the cancer that islam tightens it’s grip on our freedoms and way of life.

    1. Baha’is are pretty mellow bunch and tolerate just abt everyone else. It’s why they don’t survive in places like Iran where the originated.

      Islam is closer to a totalitarian system than anything else. Like Nazism that resorted to ancient tales of Wodin, Islam has a religious veneer that protects it fm real scrutiny in the West.

  4. Will this “bombshell” wake up the dhimmis of the left, the gays and atheists, now?? Or will they just switch allegiance?

  5. Nice try, Council of Anal Islamic Radicals! That will never happen!

  6. When will all non-Muslim Canadians wake up to the reality that Islam is a cancer within our nation? Throw the bums out.

    1. Steve, I hear ya, but as a conservative who understands individual liberties and freedom from government oppression I can only sign on to the repatriation of Muslims who violate our laws who hold dual citizenship and restrict Islamic sharia law from ever becoming a feature in our judicial system. AS well as being highly selective of who is allowed to immigrate, meaning the reintroduction of quotas and the end of chain immigration, where one leads to other relatives being allowed to enter and become citizens. Any potential citizen candidate must prove that they have funds to provide for themselves, or admittance is not granted.

  7. Muhammedism is fourteen century old crime wave that serves civilization in the same manner in which bulls serve cows.

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