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And their street praying is about projecting it.

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Muslim ‘Offenses’ Are About Power, Not Words

The historian Nils Rune Langeland, a Professor at the University of Stavanger in Norway, dared to makesome statements about possible future conflicts caused by Multiculturalism and mass immigration that the establishment, self-appointed guardians of Goodness, did not like. Frithjof Jacobsen, formerly the vocalist in a hard rock band and currently the leader of newspaper VG’s regular columnists, toyed in a column with the idea that maybe the security services should quietly search the flat of Mr. Langeland. He even suggested that the good Professor perhaps deserved to be “tarred and feathered” for his views.

This full-length essay was published in the country’s arguably most powerful newspaper and was illustrated by a drawing made by respected illustrator Roar Hagen, showing the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) spying on a brain filled with ideas about an Islamic threat to Europe and the Western world. Columnist Jacobsen furthermore wrote that Anders Behring Breivik’s mass murder was simply the “natural product” of mudslingers on the Internet who tirelessly keep repeating the same otherworldly tales about a supposed Islamic threat to our societies. In his opinion, using Breivik’s atrocities to confront people harboring such opinions is “completely natural,” since their criticism of Islamic aggression and terrorism means that they “share opinions with terrorists and murderers.”

Frithjof Jacobsen suggested that one of these dangerous and extremist ideas that should be confronted and possibly lead to closer personal surveillance by the country’s security services is the use of the term “dhimmi.” Yet this is a perfectly acceptable Arabic word that has been part and parcel of Islamic vocabulary and mentality for over a thousand years. Mr. Jacobsen thus first and foremost betrayed his own profound ignorance and mistook this for tolerance, which is a fairly common flaw for his kind of people.

Dhimmis are non-Muslims under Islamic rule who are not just second-rate citizens in their own country but could almost be described as non-citizens, lacking basic rights and protection for themselves and their families in many situations. Dhimmis are supposed to be subservient and obedient to Muslims at all times and are required to forever pay them substantial amounts of protection money, jizya, in “willing submission” to Islamic rule.

Muslims love to portray themselves as innocent, blameless victims and predictably complain after nearly every Jihadist terror attack that all Muslims should not be punished for the actions of a few individuals. However, they carefully leave out the fact that this is precisely what their own Islamic law and logic dictates for non-Muslims.

If even one non-Muslim dhimmi says or does something that displeases a Muslim, this can and sometimes does trigger violent retribution against his entire community. In practice, a mere rumor falsely planted by a Muslim who holds a personal grudge against a specific non-Muslim can be enough to trigger riots, murder and mayhem. This means that non-Muslims in countries harboring sizable Muslim populations live under a constant shadow of fear of Muslim violence and abuse. If one of them at any given time says something critical of Islam or its founder, this can trigger violent attacks and murder against his entire clan, tribe or nation based on the flimsiest excuse.

What Western mass media have nearly universally failed to point out is that Muslims have now advanced to the point where they treat the entire Western world as dhimmis, hostages to Muslim abuse and threats of violence. On September 11th 2012, the anniversary of the 9/11 Jihadist attacks against the USA, Muslim mobs attacked several American embassies in the Middle East and killed the US Ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens. Evidence indicates that this attack had been planned in advance.

In multiple Middle Eastern cities, crowds shouted slogans in praise of Osama bin Laden, whose terror network al-Qaida killed thousands of Americans on September 11th 2001. The date was no doubt chosen to mock the USA and show continued support for Jihad against the West, yet the pretext for these attacks was an obscure movie made under unclear circumstances in the USA that was considered offensive to Muslims. Western media who present this movie, Innocence of Muslims, as the “cause” or direct trigger of these attacks fail to note that Muslims will pick up any pretext to riot. They have been known to make complaints and threats to hamburger stores or coffee shops because they claimed to have seen hidden references to the words Allah or Muhammed in their products. Muslims are skinless people in a sandpaper world, as one observer once put it. Their feelings would always be “hurt” by something even if we removed all offensive cartoons and movies on the planet. This is about power, fear, dominance and Islamic aggression.

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  1. Fjordman

    Muslim offences are about power.

    Of course they are. But when it comes to the deployment and use of power, we are supreme.

    We are invading and occupying any Muslim country we choose, or take a “liking” to. We install puppets in power, and leave the country in a wreck. We invade Afghanistan, an already wrecked country, not to wreck it, but to destabilise its neighbour. Check. If we choose, we remove the puppet we installed (Mubarek), and then wreck their economy even more.

    It is this “couldnt give a shit” crusading of the West in Arab Muslim countries, that is the cause of the simmering resentment of Muslims against the West. Muslims are convinced by their ideology of Islam, that they are to be conquerors. And yet, here they are, not even the most powerful Muslim nation can stand up to less then 1% of the West’s military that is immediately available. They are reliant on us for food, money, and to take their surplus population. They are beggars in their home countries, and rely on Welfare in the West. Heck, even I would be humiliated, leave alone a group of people, who have been inculcated from birth, that they are conquerors.

    What we are seeing is the defeat of Islam on its own terms – Osama knew the psychology of his people – strong horse etc. His 9/11 attack, was a last thrashing out against what he saw was the eventual defeat of Islam. Going out with a bang.

    We have already won. Muslims are merely thrashing out like cornered rats. They are in a quandary, as they have never learnt how to accept defeat with grace.

    Let us hope, that as Churchill recommended, we are magnanimous in victory.

  2. who is your movement, what do you need money for and who is Fjordman?

  3. “yet the pretext for these attacks was an obscure movie made under unclear circumstances in the USA that was CONSIDERED offensive to Muslims.”

    The operative word is CLAIMED, not considered. They CLAIMED to be offended by it.

    The reason they use the claim of being offended is because it can’t be dissproved.

    Or so they thought.

    I seem to have been able to disprove their claim that they are offended quite easily.

    Nobody’s given, neither volunterily nor when asked point blank, a single example showing how the movie was untrue or offensive.

    I and a few others have been asking supposedly outraged muslims on youtube to give examples and they refuse to give a specific example. Mostly the polite requests are completely ignored.

    The actual responces have been either attempts at subterfuge, bluffing or outright abuse.

    The few times scenes are cited they don’t specify weather it was a lie or offensive. When shown that we know the scene they cited is in fact canonical, they then say they obviously meant it was offensive – but still don’t say why.

    One tactic is to use reflection. They sometimes say it is obvious why it’s offensive and if I don’t see it then that is because something is wrong with me or I am intentionally pretending not to see. Yet they don’t try to educate me beyond that by showing what exactly was offensive.

  4. They are everywhere these days, Muslims that is. Offended by anything or nothing and believing that they are on the verge of World conquest. They need confining and removing from the rest of us and one day their confinement will come.
    A time will come when Muslims will be like Mohicans, Dodos or Thugees. They will simply be confined to the pages of history!


    I thought you might be interested in part one of this brand new documentary which investigated Muslim Brotherhood sedition in the United States. It’s called “the project”, based on the documents found that lay out the plot of the third Jihad.

    Keep fighting guys. My prayers go out to you.

  6. are you not ashamed of yourself

    You want money for a movement, you refuse to say what it is for, who the headmaster is and what the movement is doing?

  7. Manu. Our movement is the Gnomes of Zeurich working thru the Masons and Cat Fanciers to sieze control of the mind control lazers to… but that would be saying too much.

    Just keep reading our crop circles and get someone to translate the CIA transmissions that the secret transmitter they put in your head keeps picking up.

    And maybe take a little thorazine now and then.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Good one Truthiocity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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