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How’s that sharia working for you?

All covered up with no children to show.

The sad thing is, the Canadian government acknowledged the sharia derived divorce, in spite of living in Canada and her not having signed a damn thing. In the West’s eventual separation from Islam, the acknowledging of Islamic law, even in marriage contracts, will end. A complete break is in the making.

OTTAWA — Zinab Alfawzi had prepared the perfect party for her son’s eighth birthday on Aug. 16. She specially ordered a cake featuring her son’s favourite superhero, Spiderman. She strung up streamers and balloons, lit all the candles and gathered friends to sing Happy Birthday.

The only thing missing was her son, Ahmad, who was nearly 10,000 kilometres away in Kuwait with his father. He wasn’t answering the phone.

“Happy Birthday son. I wish next year we could be together. I love you,” she says in Arabic in a cellphone recording of the celebration, the phone in Kuwait ringing and ringing as the candles grow shorter and shorter. A few months ago, the same thing happened except with a Dora the Explorer themed cake for her nine-year-old daughter, Rawan.

Alfawzi hasn’t seen her children for three years. They live in Kuwait with her husband, Salem Khalef Rashid and his new wife. Kuwaiti courts granted him a divorce and awarded him full custody of the children without ever giving Alfawzi a say in the matter.

The divorce is recognized by Canada, even though she never signed her name agreeing to it.

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2 Responses

  1. This attempt to gain sympathy lacks integrity. “Dora the Explorer” is a character developed for pre-schoolers yet she suggests this is the reception she prepared for her older child, a 9 year old? The article mentions she spoke Arabic into her cell phone. This mom probably watched the preschoolers program as an attempt to learn the local language.
    Yes, admittedly the children have been gone for three years, and their mom could be wallowing in a time warp where she simply cannot visualize her children’s maturing personalities. But then again, maturing to what? Their prophet’s seventh century utopian hell?

    Bah! No sympathy. Choose to adhere to sharia . . .live with the consequences, honey.

    As for me . . .LAN ASTASLEM!

  2. In the West’s eventual separation from Islam, the acknowledging of Islamic law, even in marriage contracts, will end. A complete break is in the making.

    Yup! Separation from the Islamic world is now in progress.

    We must continue to insist that the riots had nothing to with our interventions in Islamic countries. It was the video that did it. We must therefore continue to take the “light of freedom, democracy and equality of men, women , and all religions”, to the Islamic world. This is a righteous and noble cause. Some may oppose it, but we must insist that all men and women are created equal.

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