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Gee, the sign he’s holding would be accurate if it actually read:

“Islam and Muhammad’s (SAW) are a symbol of its love and peace

Now that would be more closer to the truth, not wouldn’t it?

H/T: Scottish Infidel

Published on Friday 21 September 2012 17:18

Around 100 Muslims have demonstrated outside Holyrood calling for a ban on offensive material such as the anti-Islam film which has sparked protests around the world.

• US film has sparked worldwide protests

• Holyrood protesters call for tighter media regulation

Demonstrators waved banners reading “No religion is allowed to insult any other religion” and “We demand international law to stop religious hatred”.

The amateur film Innocence of Muslims, made in the US, has sparked international unrest which has claimed lives including that of the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

Protest spokesman Akeel Umar said the demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament was peaceful, and likened those involved in violence elsewhere to football fans who get carried away on match day. Police removed a bystander who shouted at the protesters:

“Twenty thousand terrorist attacks since 2001. How do you justify that?”

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5 Responses

  1. Just telling the UK has not worked. Let them learn the hard way.

  2. There’s been a similar ‘peaceful’, i.e. veiled threat, protest in Cardiff…

    It’s interesting to note the assertion from the alpha weird beard – ‘we will not tolerate….’

    Oh, yes and there’s a placard in the background inviting the USA to ‘burn in hell’.

    I wonder if there’s a less submissive news outlet with footage of this protest?

  3. That sign about love and peace do not make me feel safe. So far the violence is horrifying and so is the rhetoric. 🙁

  4. ‘Scuffles’ in Birmingham too (now there’s a surprise).

    I’m not sure what you can extrapolate from the Facebook comments of a righteous submissive bag lady, but this piece of ‘reasoning’ –

    ‘… we don’t need something like freedom of speech to exist.’

    seems to some up the mohamedan attitudes to our cultural freedoms very neatly.

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