Rising star to what, to be even more anti-Israel than Stoere?

So long Stoere, it was not nice knowing you.

There’s nothing to shout about here, they (Norwegian political elite apparatchiks) are all pretty much cut out of the same mold, you don’t get to be a top ‘rising star’ and not adhere to the official party line. Espen Eide is a Labour Party operative who knows his talking points well:

(Then) Deputy Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide: We have a proven track record of committing our political, financial and military resources to peace-building activities around the world, where combating both terrorism and the causes of terrorism are important objectives.”

What else could one expect from him? Norway, which spends a lot of its resources in funding anti-Israel incitement, consistently positions itself as the defender of human rights and all that is just and good. It’s delusional, but that’s what they believe.

NOTE: The Norwegian political self anointed elite have never forgiven Israel (though its the Palestinians that destroyed the peace accords) for the abject failure of their beloved Oslo Accords that’s now synonymous with faux peace overtures. Their entrenched animosity towards the Jewish state over this can still seen to this day.

Norwegian PM replaces heads of 5 ministries in Cabinet reshuffle 1 year before elections

By Associated Press, Updated: Friday, September 21, 1:43 PM

OSLO, Norway — Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has reshuffled his center-left Cabinet, shifting the heads of five ministries a year before parliamentary elections.

Outgoing defense minister Espen Barth Eide becomes foreign minister, replacing Jonas Gahr Stoere, who takes over the Health Ministry.

A 2008 U.S. diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks described Eide, at the time deputy defense minister, as a rising star in Stoltenberg’s Labor Party and a potential future foreign or defense minister. He will now have both titles on his resume.

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  1. Hopefully Støre’s new position will be less conducive to giving sweetheart deals to his old school pals and hanging out with his Hamas buddies. What a creep.

  2. Eide introduced hijabs and turbans into the uniform of the Norwegian Defense Force a few months ago. There was no leadup or public debate. The new policy was abruptly introduced out of thin air, to considerable public outrage.

    Stoltenberg probably decided to replace Støre after his latest round of scandal last summer, so Eide knew he only had a narrow window of opportunity to make his hijab play.

    Former Justice Minister Knut Storberget tried to introduce a police hijab a couple of years ago, but the resulting uproar forced him to cancel his plans. The reaction was so fierce that at one point he was actually physically attacked on the street.

    What a bunch of rotten creeps, all of them. Labour could care less about what the Norwegian people want, as long as they can ram their disastrous schemes for “diversity” and “inclusion” down the public’s throat.

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