Remember, they need to protect Obama’s carefully planted meme that it was a spontaneous eruption of violence, and the mo-film maker is responsible for the ambassador’s death, not his state dpt. negligence.

CNN, never an news organization one could count on to deliver news you could trust, or go after the real hard stories, like Obama’s shady past, his links to terrorists (domestic and Palestinians), fake book biographies, his radical mentors and hey…HOW ABOUT THAT FAST & FURIOUS  caper! etc. etc. and etc. But they can be counted on to flesh out the details and identity of a man they want to pin a target on.

The media is filled to the brim with underachiever types, feckless hacks and partisan ideologues who wouldn’t know a good story if it bit them on the rear. But this is what they do, ambulance chase and give the Democrats a free pass. It’s only Republican presidents and majority GOP congresses that interest these morons. Click here for more at Breitbart.

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