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Leftard-Mustard totalitarian tussle.

I reported yesterday about the French communists holding a celebratory event just north of Paris. Now it appears that irate Muslims crashed their party, the Left gets attacked by the very totalitarians that they support.

From IsamVs.Europe:

French Leftist Attacked by Muslims at Communist Festival

Caroline Fourest is a lesbian French leftist who has gamely tried to find a goldilocks middle ground between “islamism” and the far-right. She has tried to warn Europe’s left about the dangers of getting too cuddly with Islam, but for this reason finds herself increasingly ostracised by her former comrades. No doubt to try and maintain her left-wing credentials properly burnished, she has also attacked the Front National, publishing a critical book about Marine Le Pen just before the last presidential elections in France.

But, as this video demonstrates, the goldilocks middle ground seems to be increasingly untenable, as Islam completes its capture of Europe’s left-wing. This event occurred at an annual Communist festival where Fourest was invited to debate the topic, “How best to confront the Front National?”

As you can see, she was attacked by Muslims wearing traditional garb. Muslim organisations had already agitated for her invitation to the event to be withdrawn, accusing her of being an islamophobe. But since they didn’t get their way, they did what Muslims usually do: turned to violence.

Sabotage à la Fête de l’Huma – agression contre… by prochoix

More here.

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  1. Well, we saw that coming ages ago, didn’t we ? And still they keep living in denial, the sad idiots.

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