If the actual producers of the flick fooled the actors into making the film, then dubbed over their voices with a script not originally agreed to, then there is no support for it from me whatsoever. Also, the producer of the flick is now being exposed as a fraud himself, being not Jewish nor an Israeli. That said, the attacks on the embassies were not the result of this film, but from a well in advance coordinated planned attack.

In the film’s 14-minute trailer (below), which set off the crisis after it was posted to YouTube, the name Muhammad and anti-Islam remarks are clearly dubbed over the original words, clashing with the film’s visual cues. The sloppy editing calls into question whether the Hollywood film was, in fact, really created as an anti-Muslim screed, or simply edited to look that way. Despite an alleged $5 million budget, the production quality of the film is very low.

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NOTE: For an example, scroll to 2:50 and wait for him to say “call him mohamed”, clearly the lips are saying something other than what the audio delivers, and at 3:45 when he goes into a tent and is called mohamed, again another dubbed portion, and this is only from a cursory review.

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  1. Who cares if it’s fake? What exactly do you mean by fake? The whole of Islam is fake? If it’s not about Mohammed then there are some uncanny parallels.
    For example, in the Hadiths there is a tale of Mohammed’s thugs tying a 101-year-old woman to a camel by the legs and splitting her in two. We see this in the movie.
    It may be however, as you say, that the actors did not know that the film was to be about Mohammed, in which case this should be made clear in order to protect their lives. It’s too late to ban it, however, as it is probably going viral as we speak.
    Fake, real, cheap, poor quality, whatever this movie is, it may well turn out be a landmark in the battle for free speech and open criticism of Islam.
    Then again, it may be forgotten.

    1. If the actors were duped…by dubbing, then its accurate to deem it faked. I never said that the things mentioned in it were fake. I have yet to see it all.

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