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I’m voting Romney this time around just to stave off four more years of Obama style marxism. Levin is right though, if Romney behaves in the mold of Nixon, Ford or Bush(s), he’s got to go, the republic deserves better, much better, and needs someone better at the helm to guide it back to the constitution.


H/T: Mark Levin Via Real Clear Politics.

Mark Levin: We have to demand that candidates, who ask for our votes, hold fast to our principles and values, because those are never up for negotiation or to be treated as a political expedient.

We can fight like hell to defeat Obama and elect Romney and not sell out our core principles, and that’s what we’re forced to do and that’s what we’re going to do. Polls be damned; commentators be damned; analyses be damned. That’s what each and every one of us have to be committed to.

So yes, I understand the anxiety, I have it too. But we must beat Obama. We must take the Senate. We must hold the House. And then the Grand Old Party has no excuses of any kind. If it winds up being another Bush administration, or Ford administration, or Nixon administration, they all have to go. I’ve been saying for the longest time the leaders of this party are weak and they need to go already.

If the GOP fails to produce — apparently this is a big issue today, I think I’ve been talking about this if not months, for years. I believe a third party will form. And I said the other day, I believe the Republican party will become the minority party. But this will likely lead to years of Democrat dominance as our forces will be split and the country will be irretrievably transformed. This election is for all the marbles. You have every reason to be concerned, and if you are concerned, you are a patriot because you want to preserve our nation. If not, you’re a drone. You’re a taker. (Mark Levin Show, 9/10/2012)

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