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Listen up, there is no ”Arab Spring”, there’s just uprisings of disenchanted Muslims seeking to control others, there is no civil society-in-waiting for the revolution to hand itself over to, it’s non-existent. What is in place however, is a top down authoritarian structured society waiting for whichever side of totalitarians to eventually win out over the other.

If successful against the Assad regime, the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist Muslim political groups, would pose a great threat to Syrian Christians and Alawites. The Muslim Brotherhood as a whole, while possessing domestic agendas, are well aware of the moment in history, and will in fact seek to make a caliphate appear in one state or the other. I doubt it will happen due to too many competing interests, but that’s their goal, which is no different than that of al-Qaida’s.

‘Muslim Brothers co-opting Arab Spring to make caliphate’

09/10/2012 20:38

Minister Avi Dichter warns revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria could threaten Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states; notes Palestinians notably absent from Arab Spring, but says Brotherhood already has outpost in Hamas.

Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter on Sunday warned that the Muslim Brotherhood is co-opting the Arab Spring with the end-goal of creating an Islamic “caliphate” that would span the Middle East.

“What started in Tunis and continued in Egypt is ongoing in Syria, and will threaten Jordan and other Arab countries,” Dichter said. “The Brotherhood already has an outpost in the Palestinian territories, in the form of Hamas.”

The keynote speaker at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s World Summit, Dichter added that the beyond infiltrating Israel’s neighbors, the Brotherhood’s more long-term goal is to gain control of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, where “there is already a massive movement of youth devoted to eradicating non-Muslim values from society,” according to Dichter.

Turning to Syria, Dichter said that so long as President Bashar Assad remains in power, the Brotherhood can not achieve its aims. “In Syria, being affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood is tantamount to a death sentence,” he said. However, Dichter warned that if the embattled Syrian leader were to fall, the Brotherhood could in fact take control of the country, which would have deep repercussions on Syria’s neighbors.

“Who replace the Assad regime?” Dichter asked. “Will it be the Sunnis? Or the Muslim Brotherhood? And if the Brotherhood takes control, how will this affect Jordan and Lebanon to the west?”

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