Blasphemy Islam 101 Lying Bastards Lying Muslims Taqqiya



Or an alternative headline:

Deeply religious influential Muslim leader lies his arse off

Take your pick

NOTE: There is a reason why the media, think tanks, academia and politicians appear so gullible, they desperately want to believe that there are ”moderates” out there who will guide Islam into the 21st century. The believe that they have to believe it, because the reality is to terrible to consider.

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  1. Dear Brother, why are u trying to to misguide & spread disinformation about Dr. Tahir ul Qadri…he is not telling a lie at all …he is speaking truth….regarding law of blasphemy passed in Pakistan , in his urdu part of clip, he was talking about the “Substantive law, criminal part” of law that was put through the court only….he has never been involved in procedural part of the law that is being misused by people in Pakistan for weaker groups or against minorities and Tahir ul Qadri has clearly stated that he has reservations in “procedural part” of the law and he disagrees with the procedural part of the law … he has been asking and demanding to get reforms in procedural part of the law to avoid any kind of misuse of the law, especially against minorities or weaker groups of the society… If you are honest person the you should have uploaded full talk that was delivered in fatwa on terrorism program at Denmark…then you will get all the clarity….you are just editing full lecture or question to give wrong is advised to people to listen his full talk at fatwa ceremony at Denmark, especially question & answer by danish press….if they really wants truth…!

    1. You still can’t square what Qadri said, in his own words, contradicting himself in both languages. He’s a lying taqqiya artist.

  2. So, to be clear here ‘peace’.

    You are saying that this imam in a Santa hat is both for and against this law, that it should apply and not apply to non believers, and that people should and should not be killed for blasphemy and that it is imperative that we all believe whatever it is that is in the best interest of the spread of the disease known as Islam. Is that about right? Or what am I missing here. How do you reconcile these contradictory statements.

    1. ‘Peace’ is trying to bury you in the details which basically amount to, ”look he didn’t seek the death penalty for blasphemy, he just conjured up the legislation that the sharia courts will use in carrying it out.” How does the knucklehead square his lies about not effecting the non-Muslim, then saying in his native tongue that it does, that they in fact should die like a dog (which in the west is euthanasia, a very humane way to go, Muslims can’t even reach that level either)

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