In normal work environments, the employee makes it worth their while to stay put, in the Gulf states, well….they just keep their passports. Many of these workers are just plain exploited and abused. Their employees know full well that they’ll be at their mercy, make their lives a living hell. Also, I wonder how many of them have been actually bitten, it seems that biting is one of the female Muslims favorite mode of exacting revenge.

Qatar: abused domestic workers on the run

Many disappeared during vacations in GB
10 SEPTEMBER, 17:20

(ANSAmed) – DOHA,SET 10- Many Qatari families on holiday in Britain have had to pack up and return to Qatar because their housemaids had fled. The news is reported today by the Doha Gulf Times newspaper, whose title “Gone maid ruins a Qatari family holiday” seems to emphasize more the discomfort of the Emirate citiziens than the serious violations of human rights that caused the phenomenon.

The problem of the flight of domestic staff and Asian babysitters who work with families in Qatar is worsening, in particular when traveling in European countries or in the U.S., according to the newspaper in Doha.

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