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Ritual slaughter nor circumcision should ever have been the issue, it’s the sharia that has always been the Islamic fundamentalists’ Achilles heel. I make a public appeal to the PVV to change course, the only ones, in the end, who will bear the brunt of the proposed legislation, are the Jews, the Muslims will always find a way to skirt their own rules by making up new ones.

There’s also the issue of individual freedom, that traditionally, has always been under attack by big government statists. The PVV needs to make a mea culpa and shift tactics,  who  are in fact a very pro-Israel party but have stumbled in this regards. Their focus has always been on securing individual liberties and safeguarding western values, you don’t do that however at the expense of individual liberties and western values.

It’s the sharia, and always has been.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, a prominent Israeli author, said in a telephone interview from Jerusalem that the banning of ritual slaughter has been used in Europe to deter Jews.

“Are you going to support a guy who is at the forefront of the anti-Semitism movement in Europe?,” he said.

NOTE: Personally, I think that Wilders will come around. If the dangers of Islamization were not a reality, there wouldn’t be any talk of banning ritual slaughter in The Netherlands. but this is not the route to take.

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The Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, was shocked to discover that the Dutch Freedom Party, headed by pro-Zionist Geert Wilder, is getting on the “Ban Shechita” bandwagon. He wrote a clearly critical letter to Mr. Wilder, which Arutz Sheva has received and presents below:

To Mr. Geert Wilders, Leader of the Freedom Party
House of Parliament
The Hague
The Nethetlands

Dear Mr. Wilders.

Both the Dutch rabbinate, as well as the leadership of the Dutch Jewish community, have extensively updated me on the status of the political debate on ritual slaughter in Holland.

I am aware of the fact that the bill to ban ritual slaughter was initiated by the Animal Party and managed to get a majorityi n the Lower House.Before the bill went to the Senate a compromise was worked out by the deputy minister of agriculture that was accepted and signed by the leadership of the Dutch Jewish and Muslim community.

Because of that, ALL the parties in the senate- with the exception of the initiator of the bill and your Freedom Party- voted against a ban and in favor of the compromise.

I am shocked and upset to learn that your party once again has adopted a total ban on ritual slaughter in its platform for the September 12th upcoming general elections.

By doing so, [it] makes the Freedom Party (except for the Animal Party) the only one in your country that excludes the Jews of [sic] the “Freedom” you claim to stand for.

Ritual slaughter and kosher food is an essential part of Jewish life, religion and tradition. By denying Jews [the right] to live according to the Torah, you will eventually force them to leave the Netherlands where they enjoyed religious freedom for centuries and are living since the 12thc entury.

Furthermore, the animal rights spokesman of your faction, Mr. Dion Graus, has announced in various statements and interviews that after a total ban on ritual slaughter has become law in the Netherlands, he will also work on legislation to prohibit import of kosher meat from abroad.

Not a single party in Europe has gone that far!! I am shocked to read the statements Mr. Graus made during the parliamentary debate.He repeatedly kept on accusing Jews of “ritual torture” of animals.

This is the classical anti-Semitic way our rites have been targeted and demonized throughout history. Jews torturing animals or murdering non- Jewish kids because their blood was needed to bake matzot for the Jewish Passover!

Dear Mr. Wilders, I am fully aware of your firm support of the Jewish state of Israel and do respect and thank you for this. But one cannot separate between the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

I therefore do urge you strongly to remove the total ban on ritual slaughter from your party platform and publicly disassociate yourself from Mr. Dion Graus who is called by the president of the Amsterdam Jewish community “a danger to the interests of Dutch Jews and Jewry in Europe at large”.

It is obvious that one cannot be at the same time a friend of Israel and the Jewish people and on the other hand support an anti- Jewish law and be friends with Mr. Dion Graus.

I hope to hear from you a.s.a.p.


Rabbi Yonah Metzger


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  1. The issue is one of religious nut jobs who want to have the right to torture animals to death because of their stupid superstitions. It doesn’t matter what religion the nut jobs have. No concessions should be made for retarded religions.

    And if you are going to start on about “the issue of individual freedom” then you have to understand that it applies to everyone. You can’t make exceptions for particular groups. By arguing for selective application of individual freedom you are turning yourself into one of the “big government statists” that you claim you dislike so much.

    I hope that Geert Wilders and the PVV stick to their principles and continue to oppose concessions to retarded religious practices and I’m sure they will do.

  2. I also would like an explanation from Manfred Gerstenfeld why he thinks Wilders is in the forefront of the antisemitic movement in Europe. It sounds rather bizarre to me.

    1. Remember, he’s not saying Wilders is an anti-Semite, but that he’s leading the charge of what anti-Semites have been promoting.

  3. Frank wrote: The issue is one of religious nut jobs who want to have the right to torture animals to death because of their stupid superstitions. It doesn’t matter what religion the nut jobs have. No concessions should be made for retarded religions.


    Since we allowed in Muslims, we have re-adopted the barbaric practice of the slow killing of animals, just to keep Muslims happy, and prevent them from going on murderous riots. Halal slaughter, was once just a small enterprise, and could be ignored. But now the suffering of dumb animals is on such a huge scale that it can no longer be ignored.

    To overturn this diabolical practice, there is no alternative but to ban Halal. The law has to apply to all, or it makes no sense to apply it all. This Jewish rabbi better understand, that if nothing is done to make Muslim unwelcome in the West, it is the Jews who will suffer the most. But regardless of that, Geert Wilders has to concern himself with first defending European culture, and secondarily, the concerns of Jews.

    1. You seem to miss the point where Muslims systematically ignore the rules as they have been doing for a very long time. The whole idea that this will make them feel unwelcome is rather laughable when you think of it.

      1. Its irrelevant whether Muslims evade the law. The first thing is to make Halal illegal, then enforce it.

        This is the first phase.

        Muslims will, as is their custom, either try to evade the law, but more likely, to mount fierce opposition to the law by violent demonstrations, threats to murder, and even terrorist attacks.
        To each of these responses, the state ups the ante. This is the second phase.

        At each subsequent phase of response and counter-response, the state needs to explain that banning Halal slaughter is the right thing to do, as it is a European, by custom, culture and tradition. It is up to immigrants to respect the customs and laws of the host country.

        This is the way to make Europe an infertile ground for cultures that are hostile to humane and civilised values.

        1. Your imagniation is way too big for me. We’ve already seen threats to murder and terrorist attacks over the simple fact that our civiliation is non-Muslim. A recent study in Germany showed that Turks would like to see Germany become more Muslim. It is likely that it will happen in the future. With a ban on Halal slaughter or not. I believe your missing the bigger picture here.

        2. DP111, you’re missing the bigger picture. I would be for making it a crime for halal proceeds to be funneled to terror organizations, and orgs that promote jihad and Fundamentalist Islam. Going after the sharia needs to be the prime target, you have to win the hearts and minds of the ignorant society to back you, looking like you’re attacking ‘a religion’, will not get you public support.

  4. Exatly POTB. My point is, no matter what restrictions you impose on their beliefs…they’ll invent new ”go arounds” to circumvent them, while the Jews stick steadfastedly to their ancient traditions. The means to our defense is attacking the sharia, making it the prime focus…not halal or circumcision.

    1. The point is to stop barbaric practices. Who carries them out is irrelevant. Torturing animals to death is wrong and should not be permitted whoever does it.

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