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There has never been a documentary aired on Finnish television coming from a pro-Israel perspective. I once had an op-ed published in the University of Helsinki’s monthly magazine (only six or so issues a year), the Ylisopisto, after I brought the same point home to the magazine’s editor. It’s high time for pro-Israel Finns to promote this documentary ‘‘Unmasked Judeophobia” to Finnish tv programmers.

NOTE: This interview by Dr.Gerstenfeld of Gloria Greenfield was recently published (today) at Israel National News and is republished here with the author’s consent.


Dr.Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Gloria Greenfield

“Doc Emet Productions wanted to build a documentary based upon Alan Dershowitz’s best-selling book The Case for Israel, which was published in 2003. We began working on The Case for Israel – Democracy’s Outpost in 2006. At the time there was an unprecedented war of terror against Israel’s civilian population, as well as an escalation of the demonization and delegitimization campaign against it.

“The documentary presents a vigorous case for Israel. It demonstrates Israel’s right to exist as the national homeland of the Jewish people, to protect its citizens from terrorism and to defend its borders from hostile enemies. We felt that a movie would bring this detailed and penetrating analysis of the Arab- Israeli conflict to a broader audience.”

Gloria Greenfield is Founding President of Doc Emet Productions, where she focuses her work on Jewish identity, Jewish peoplehood and the values of freedom and democracy.

“After the film was released in 2008, I began traveling extensively throughout North America engaging Jewish and non-Jewish audiences in post-screening discussions. I made several alarming observations: too many people mistakenly believed that the virulent hatred being expressed toward Israel related to policies and/or territory held by Israel. They falsely thought that the hatred was Israel’s fault and if only Israel would make itself smaller and weaker, the hatred would dissipate.

“Many good and decent people were unaware of the resurgence of lethal anti-Semitism in regions around the world. Consequently, they were unable to see the hatred toward the Jewish state in context. Many were also unaware of the history of complicity of the Islamist movement with the Nazi regime during the Holocaust, as well as the Islamists’ stated intent after the fall of the Nazi regime to continue Hitler’s work.

“The Case for Israel – Democracy’s Outpost was translated into Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. It is still screening around the world in theaters, university and college campuses, parliaments, community centers, churches and synagogues. It has been broadcast by the Israel Broadcasting Authority throughout the Middle East, by Telemadrid in Spain and local stations in Latin America and the United States.

“Due to the reactions to the film, I realized one had to move away from the defensive stance of ‘making the case’ for Israel’s right to exist. It was time to take an offensive position. An examination and exposé was needed of the lethal Jew hatred behind state-sanctioned calls to wipe Israel off the map and to murder Jews wherever they could be found.

“I then began a second documentary Unmasked Judeophobia. It opens with a statement by Elie Wiesel saying, ‘Since 1945 I was not as afraid as I am now. I’m afraid because anti-Semitism that I thought belonged to the past, somehow survived. I was convinced in ’45 that anti-Semitism had died with its Jewish victims at Auschwitz and Treblinka, but I see, no, the Jews perished but anti-Semitism in some parts of the world is flourishing.’ I felt this text set the appropriate tone for the film. Jew hatred is the plague of humanity, the cancerous disease that not only has the potential to murder all Jews, but also has the potential to destroy civilization.

“Unmasked Judeophobia was released on October 24, 2011 at the Paris Theater in New York City. Since then it has been screening throughout North America, South Africa, and Israel in similar venues as The Case for Israel – Democracy’s Outpost. Unmasked Judeophobia has recently begun to screen in the United Kingdom and Australia. It is currently being translated into Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and will begin its Latin American and European tour in the winter of 2012/13.”

Greenfield remarks: “The film is dense and intense. It is not uncommon for the audience to feel both shaken awake, yet grateful for becoming more informed. Usually, the audience ends up asking for an action plan. Doc Emet Productions is now releasing With Clarity and Courage: The Companion Activist Guide to Unmasked Judeophobia. It is authored by Anna Kolodner and will be available for downloading at no charge at

“With Israeli audiences, there is a tendency to express frustration with the political leadership. The audience perceives insufficient governmental strategic thinking and action in response to the resurgence of lethal Jew hatred and the treatment of Israel as ‘the Jew among the nations.’

“My next film project will examine the centrality of the land of Israel to Jewish identity along with the genesis of Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. The roots of Zionism are Lekh Le’kha, God’s calling to Abraham to leave his native land and his father’s house for the land that God would show him.”

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  1. I know little about Finland but it’s nice to see that like all the other dhimmified nations of Europe that there is a glimmer of hope. It shows that there are still Europeans with common sense that are willing to speak out. Good luck to all Finns who want to keep their nation free.
    Even in countries like France, one of the most socialist troubled in Europe, there are still freedom fighters at large.
    I hope that one day, when the Marxist-Islamist menace is overcome that all free Europeans realize that they have a lot more in common than they once thought, and what they have in common is nothing like the dismal EC tried to promote. What they have in common is culture, freedom and variety. Let’s all fight together to keep it that way.

  2. I was unaware of this film until this post and am very surprised to see this will be playing in a location very local to me. Thanks for posting.

  3. Thought your readers should know about this. I was just banned from the middle-east forum for being pro-Israel and anti-Jihadist. Just prior to being banned I wrote this, now deleted, thread;

    Censorship at the Unexplained Mysteries forum
    This forum is agrees with persecution of minorities in the Middle East
    That this forum’s moderators agree with the persecution of Women, Gays and religious minorities in the Middle-East is the only conclusion I can come to given what’s happened here over the last few weeks.
    In that time I’ve posted many posts across a wide variety of issues including whether Australia should have a new National Anthem to many bringing attention to the plight of Gays and religious Minorities across the Middle-East and in favour of Israel. I’ve been verbally harassed including being accused of being paid by Israel, being called “cheap” (presumably an anti-Jewish reference) and anti-Muslim. Nothing I’ve posted was anything but the truth and I (unlike so many others here) listed my sources for every fact I stated (and avoided any that weren’t “mainstream media” and as this is an open forum responded to any criticism of my posts. I thought that this forum was about “finding the truth” be it if Aliens exist or if we really landed on the moon? It seems people can criticise the US Government at will and openly call for the destruction of Israel but pointing out examples of intolerance against Gays, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu’s, Baha’is, Women and anyone else in Islamic countries is deemed “anti-Muslim”. Only one ideology on this forum is beyond critique; Islam. The moderators on this forum are imposing Sharia law.
    Examples of threads I’ve started which have been deleted are;
    The IDF you haven’t seen which was a pictorial of female Israeli soldiers with no political agenda; this thread was viewed but almost 2,000 people before being deleted.
    Nazi-Ba’athist connections about the historical links between the Ba’ath party (currently murdering innocents in Syria) and the Nazis. I had heavily referenced the evidence.
    Christian persecution in th… (Christian persecution in the Middle East) primarily about Coptic Christian persecution in Egypt. I had links to mainstream newspapers as well as the original sources in Arabic from the Coptic press
    Three things you didn’t… (Three things you didn’t know about Islam) a link to a short film about “creeping Sharia” in the West.
    Latest Terrorism Statistics I link to a 2011 US government report (very extensive one by the CIA from memory) that finds 70% of all terrorism in 2011 was by Sunni Muslims. It doesn’t list what percentage was by Shia Muslims but presumably that is in the “other” category. The truth is now “anti-Islamic”.
    Muslim Brothers crucifying… about how the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are LITERALLY crucifying political opponents from trees, with links to 3 sources in Arabic and one in English.
    Another deleted one was about how the Lebanese government arrested 36 homosexuals a few weeks ago but I can’t find a link to that (as it’s deleted and not in my history folder but you might find it on Google cache?).
    There are numerous examples of anti-Israel threads allowed on this forum (and some that cross the line to being anti-Jewish in my opinion) but the only one I’ve posted deleted that could even be remotely construed as anti-Muslim is the clip “Three things you didn’t know about Islam” but the link was to a video, I didn’t even write anything myself, I left it up to the viewers to watch it and decide for themselves. There are plenty of anti-Israeli videos allowed up on this forum.
    For posting these and other pro-Israel threads (not yet deleted) I was sent a message from a moderator;
    We’ve become aware that a lot of the topics and posts you have been making in the Middle-East section of the forums seem to be based on an anti-Islamic sentiment, whether it be in news stories, links to sites, videos or in discussions. This is prominent enough in your contributions that other members have also commented on it and reported their concerns to us.

    Please avoid this in future, the Middle-East section is for discussing topical stories in the region and isn’t meant as a platform from which to promote an agenda for or against any particular country, religion, group or race.

    Thank you.
    – Saru

    I replied;
    No, my posts are the truth. I always footnote them. You’re banning the truth because you don’t like it which is a fascist mentality.

    The last three posts you deleted were about systematic Muslim persecution of Christians in the Middle East with links to mainstream newspaper articles (not hate sites). Apparently trying to protect minority human rights in the Islamic world is anti-Islamic to you?

    The other posts you deleted were photos of female and male Israeli soldiers. I’m not even sure how that’s remotely “anti-Islamic”.

    It’s simple, if you want to ban me then do it fascist but I’m doing nothing illegal and I won’t submit to your threats to censor Sunni Arab Islamic persecution of Christians, Jews, Baha’is, Buddhists, Kurds etc.


    PS the amount of Israel bashing on this forum without criticism from moderators means I think you have an agenda.
    PPS if I’m wrong it should have been easy to prove me wrong but if I post “70% of all terrorism in 2011 committed by Sunni Muslims” with a link to a CIA government report detailing every attack in 2011 stating just that that is the truth not anti-Islamic.

    People can call Jews cheap on here and call for the destruction of Israel with no moderation but I can’t post quotes from the US government? Oh another one banned was a link from Lebanon about arresting 36 gays recently. Pointing out State sponsored homophobia is anti-Islamic too. That one had 2 or 3 newspaper links proving its validity. So it seems Muslims can discriminate as much as they want but bringing people’s attention to it is anti-Muslim?
    I am sure I will be banned from this forum and this thread too will be deleted. At this forum there has been a victory for those forces who promote a ban on freedom of thought and speech EVEN IF IT IS THE TRUTH. If you can think of a better definition of fascism please tell me.

    Steve Bronfman,
    Soon to be ex-member of this forum.

  4. @ Steve…..It sounds a lot like what I experienced at Huffington Post before I was banned, as were may others who did not follow the leftist, anti-semitic, pro-islam, apologist line.

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