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  1. Andrew McCarthy discusses how abrogation is an even bigger deal than people have been saying.

    It is directly related to the process of islamization both the first that Muhammad conducted and what the Muslim Brotherhood is doing now.

    Muhammad figured that people wouldn’t accept islam right away so it had to be made harsher in stages over a 20 year period. He started with being moderate then ratcheted it up little by little untill he had achieved a totalitarian state.

    Yup. I know what you are thinking right now. That sounds like what the Nazis did.

    Abrogating the more moderate stuff with later harsher commands was integral to that process.

    The Muslim Brohterhood is using the abrogation process pecisely because it is what Muhammad did and they are trying to recreate his “success”. First they were peaceful and only wanted a little bit. Then wanted more and more and became less peaceful until the Arab “spring”. Abrogation is integral to their totalitarian process. That is why their operatives deny that there is even such a thing as abrogation – because it is at the heart of Muslim Brotherhood strategy.

    One MB leader said recently on tv that they won’t be cutting off hands for five years because they had to make the people more used to the idea.

    I hope that made a shred of sense. Perhaps the moderator knows which vid I am talking about.

  2. Actually the lectures are by Stephen Coughlin. NOT Andrew McCarthy.

    Search on youtube “Abrogation and the Milestones process.”

    That lecture made my head go boom.

  3. This vid is a classic and a gem. Bookmark it and pass it along to those who need educating about the facts about islam.

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