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  1. Ah, Malmö, that multicultural wonderland of tolerance, diversity, and demographic vibrance.


  2. The man breaking the law was trying to explain why he should not be allowed to drive during rammofthedamned. It it because he is extremely selfish and cares about no one’s safety and he is unable to manage his time like an adult.

  3. I bet that when he arrives at his feast the apologetic facade disappears. He probably explains to everyone else why he is late and blames it on the filthy infidels who stopped him. He is probably discussing with his fellow Muzz, how this sort of thing will never happen once Muslims control the Earth. All of this, of course, being said between mouthfuls as he stuffs his face with Halal lamb, proud in the fact that he starved himself all day like a good little Islamist.

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