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 This is not an anomaly, it’s endemic.

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UPDATE: A TT reader has started a blog keeping a running tab on rapes committed by Muslims in the West. Check it out.

She had been followed by illegal immigrant Jawid Armani who dragged the teenager in to an alleyway and brutally raped her.

Armani is now serving six years in jail for two counts of rape and Taylor, now 19, and Dean, 24 have married and have a two-year-old daughter Sofia.

But the couple, who live in Warwickshire, admit they have had to work hard to put the past behind them and get over Dean’s guilt at not being there to protect his girlfriend.

Speaking to Ruth Langsford and Eammon Holmes on the This Morning sofa today Taylor said:

‘We had a stupid argument and Dean left the pub to walk home.

‘Then he realised he was being silly.

‘I assumed he would be walking one way and decided to walk to meet him.

‘Ten minutes in to the journey there was no sign of him and that’s when it happened.

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