Gaza Flotilla



They’re so inept and foolish, I hope that they (Leftist maroons) spend all of their time and money on similar misadventures.

From the Elder Of Ziyon:

Anti-Israel activists discover apartheid against Palestinians – in Jordan

There is another little-noticed “flytilla” this weekend.

In this case, some anti-Israel activists flew to Amman, Jordan, and they plan to cross into the West Bank today from there. Whether they are allowed to cross the Allenby Bridge or not, they will continue their anti-Israel agenda, as they try to divert public attention from the upheavals in Syria, Egypt and elsewhere.

One of the groups making up this protest, EuroPalestine, reports that the activists visited the Jerash “refugee” camp on Saturday. And they noticed that Jordan is not such a wonderful place to be for some Palestinian Arabs. In fact, you might even call how Jordan treats the residents of Jerash as – apartheid.

read it all here.

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