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Obamacare contains (if I remember correctly) 13 to 14 new set of taxes. Obama is on record stating that the Bush tax-cuts will not be renewed come Jan 1st if he’s elected, which means a tax hike across the board. Also, there is no such thing as a ‘middle-class’ in America, there are middle income earners, but no ‘class’ of people, the US is a classless society.

When team Obama speaks about ‘taxing the wealthy’, in reality he’s talking about middle income earners, as well as the youth, who he is forcing into Obamacare to help pay for the program (which already takes 700 billion from Medicare to help fund it.) . It’s a form of manipulation, leading people to believe that they ‘need coverage’ as a youth, but in reality, soaking them in taxes for a service many in this age group rarely need.

That’s a major tax.

If I were a young adult, I would be rallying my peeps to vote Romney-Ryan to help stave off the leap into the dark abyss team obama is leading the country towards.

NOTE: The lawyeresque language of the Obamacare rules on who qualifies for tax credits under Obamacare, is going to lead to a massive need for tax consultants to figure it all out. The text I hear is an absolute nightmare. On purpose.

When it comes to general elections, Democrats understand that they must campaign as Republicans on fiscal issues in order to be taken seriously. So suddenly the greatest tax-hiker in American presidential history, Barack Obama, is posing as a tax-cutter, and trying to position tax-cutters Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as tax-hikers.

To what, exactly, is Obama referring when he says that Romney and Ryan want to raise taxes for 95% of the American public? He’s talking about run-downs of the Romney tax plan by outside sites, not the Romney tax plan itself. Romney and Ryan are not interested in raising taxes on anyone – they’re interested in cutting taxes. Eliminating giveaways to those who do not pay taxes does not count as raising taxes.

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  1. Romney MIGHT raise our taxes. You never know. Given O’Bama’s spending, it’s entirely possible that a fiscally responsible President might have to raise taxes.

    O’Bama will CERTAINLY raise our taxes. The O’Bama campaign is just trying to deflect our attention.

    1. I disagree. Though anything is possible, it’s a fact however that the raising of taxes does absolutely NOTHING to effect the monstrous debt driving the US off the financial cliff. That’s a fact….taxes do absolutely nothing to bring down the debt. I think that Romney understands that,…Paul Ryan surely does understand that.

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