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Elliott Abrams is a former US assistant secretary of state and has hold senior positions in the Reagan and George W. Bush presidencies. Here he takes aim at the fake humanitarians of the Norwegian state, and on Scandinavia in general.

NOTE: The link in the article on the ”aid ship”, is about the leftist Finnish owned ship that was sold to Swedish ex-Israeli Dror Freiler, the infamous jerk who’s ”art work” (a picture of a smiling terrorist floating in a pool of Israeli blood) was destroyed by the then Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Zvi Mazel.

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  1. This article suggests that in a country, where official leftwing policy is successfully enforced top-down to instill mindnumbing uniformity on the general public, citizens indeed get bored to the point where they feel the need to start “acting out” with this ideology, in order to distinguish themselves somewhat. When people draw nearer to the same ideological content, there is in fact “no fun to be had” with it, it veers towards the bourgeois mainstream. Thus, the juvenile logic would be to stirr some shit with it somewhere else and make it look “revolutionary”.

    This makes perfect sense in my mind: in Norway or Sweden, humanitarian racism, moral relativism, PC MC and anti-Judaism are probably so mainstream that it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow anymore, there’s hardly anything controversial about it in these countries.

  2. I think circumcision is a bad custom. If you believe that God created us, He also created the foreskin.

    1. We can either agree or disagree on the custom, all I’m saying is, is that it is purely a matter of individual rights and decision making, and big government needs to keep its nose out. As far as Islam is concerned, there are other ways to scale it back, through anti-Sharia measures and a no-nonsense attitude in enforcing them.

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