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They love to hate the Jews.

It’s an Islamic thing.

H/T Dennis Mitzner

Dozens of members from Youth for Freedom and Justice, the April 6 Youth movement, and Kefaya, The Egyptian Movement for Change, organized a march to the home of the Israeli Ambassador in Maadi to protest the killing of 16 security officers near the Egyptian-Israeli border on Sunday afternoon.

The protesters called for the expulsion of the Ambassador and to punish those who perpetrated or colluded in the attack.

Officials from Egypt and Israel said the attackers belonged to extremist Islamist groups in Sinai, but Islamist politicians and observers in Egypt said they suspect that Israel was behind the incident.

The protesters chanted slogans against Israel and raised black banners that read “in mourning.”

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  1. I have seen how the tendency of Islam to force itself upon us has had the most serious effects it has ever had in my neck of the woods since I have decided to criticize Islam about five years ago : instances of violence against gays have risen in the last six months, women have been consistently harassed where I live and called whores,…etc. And then any sensible person should start askings questions about where it all originates. And rather than turn realistic and consequently point at Islam, I consistently see how for instance homosexuals try to explain it away as “a general tendency in our society” or how modern and assertive women want to attribute the cause to “general male chauvinism”, rather than dare point at Islam.

    This in fact is a primitive psychological technique we call denial. It is the de facto mirror image of Muslim denial, that doesn’t want to face up to the detrimental effects of pushing towards more Islam in society, and that consequently has to attribute all the causes of its inherent misery to an external enemy. Westerners try to downplay all the time, which seems more subtle than turning to despicable conspiracy theories, but the outcome of both will amount to the same: the Social Misery that is Islam will prevail in both instances. We’ll be well and truly fucked that way, make no mistake about it.

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