The sound of  crickets chirping heard at the UN.

The UN won’t act because it’s their favorite pet project in question. This shoots down the farcical myth promoted by Pali supporters of Hamas’ virtue, which has long wagged a finger at Fattah for being corrupt. Where there is a free flow of cash with little or none culpability attached to it….there’s corruption.

NOTE: If you want to end it, stop funding these jerks, and let them earn a living the hard way, as opposed to being fed on the gravy train, which by the way, frees up other funds for their jihad against the Jews.

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UN won’t act as Hamas makes people homeless

HAMAS, the Palestinian organisation that controls the Gaza Strip, has begun demolishing houses, a move that will leave 120 Palestinian families homeless.

While the demolitions have been reported in the Palestinian media, they have been virtually ignored internationally.

“This is catastrophic for the families involved,” said one man, who has visited the families, some of whom are now living in tents.

The man, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, said he believed Hamas officials wanted the land for personal gain.

“My view is that they will then sell the land for much money,” he said. “Corruption is getting worse and some people are becoming very rich.”

The land is near al-Azhar University in central Gaza City. Despite a blockade on Gaza by Israel and Egypt, large amounts of building materials are entering through smuggling tunnels from Egypt, pushing up land prices.

Hamas did not respond to written questions from The Weekend Australian.

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  1. Note the article also makes mention that: “Meanwhile, Israel is preparing to demolish 51 structures in the Palestinian village of Susiya, near Hebron, almost the entire village.”

    There is a subtle difference in the reporting that gives hint to a big difference in government and law. The report of Gaza demolition is past tense. HAMAS just walked in, seized the property and demolished it. In Susiya, near Hebron, Israel is PREPARING to demolish the structures. What that means is that Israel has performed due-dilligence, reviewed standing laws, offered legal hearings etc.

    What is also not mentioned is that the Israeli Supreme Court has intervened against such demolitions.

    There is a LOT of illegal building by Arabs all over Israel and the West Bank. Talk about something you don’t hear reported in the news media! As you know, every time a Jew builds a home “where they don’t belong”, it’s a friggin’ international crisis.

    In the mean time, Syria is burning.

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