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  1. The presenter is a very attractive lady, but give it a few years and she’ll be burqa’d and bagged up.
    Some contradictions here though – the comedian guy hits her (fitting for a Muslim), but later he hugs her – (forbidden in Islam), then he tries to chat her up (also typical of a slimy Muslim man). I think these people are confused. The only thing that they are united in is their hatred of Israel.

  2. I’m suprised this primate didn’t start thowing his poo.

    After he hit’s her, he’s hugging her and says “You broght it upon yourself” ?!?!?!

    This filth has definatly done this before. He knows the routine too well.

    They should have known better though. Never ever tell a muslim you’re jewish.

    1. Same precaution applies for Jews while in Europe – keep your faith to yourself.

  3. What a horrible neighbor for Israel. Please remember the Egyptian Christians who are being killed, burned, tortured, and have their daughters kidnapped and forced to convert to islam and marry a muslim. The mainstream media and the UN ignores what is happening to them.
    I was horrified to see that girl be hit so hard she slammed against a wall and fell to the floor. This is what passes for humor in Egypt. Terrible and not at all funny.

  4. Dear friends,

    I just found this post by accident (I was searching for information about the supposedly fake letter from Morsi and found this instead), and couldn’t help reading the short discussion in the comments. Honestly I’m so glad we folks in Israel have friends like you in the world who are not making themselves blind to what goes on around us.
    In a world so disheartening it gives me enormous hope to know that we have supportive friends. Thanks, folks.

    Jerusalem, Israel

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