Kuwait Rape



This is more interesting and revealing than the story itself:

Vlad: “Wow this story would give the British media, especially the BBC, a major headache. Their headline would have to read, “Asian rapes Asian inside Asian car”

Policeman rapes Asian inside patrol vehicle

KUWAIT: An Asian resident reported that a policeman raped her inside his patrol vehicle in Mishref, said security sources. Case papers indicate that according to the woman’s report, she was stopped by a police patrol while walking in Jleeb after midnight. She added that after seeing her ID, a policeman forced her into the patrol and took her to Mishref where he raped her inside the car, gave her his mobile number and left. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Furious husband
Police report that a furious husband could not accept that his wife refused to continue living with him, so he called her brother, asking him to have her return to his house. However, the brother refused, saying that the husband had treated her harshly and assaulted her.  The husband then rushed to his in-law’s house in Saad Al-Abdulah area with a gun where he terrified the family by shooting, before he fled the scene. The police were called, a case was filed and the husband is being summoned for further investigations.

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  1. Not only that, he gave her his phone number; he clearly thinks he has done nothing wrong and thinks the woman may want more!!

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