Mocks wealthy, says they didn’t get there on their own.

The man is an economic ignoramus. The US economy would be in overdrive if not for this jerk’s policies. Instead, it’s gasping it’s last breath due to him, his cronies and leftism in general. It’s the government’s foot on the neck of the business community that’s creating the near depression-like figures in unemployment, this jerk is using it/exacerbating it to create an environment ready for his class warfare rhetoric.

From Breitbart comments:

This is a Warrenism – a completely redundant statement. Yes we also didn’t get to where we are if we weren’t alive or without oxygen or food. So what.

Any gov services are already paid for by tax dollars so that’s a moot point and if those services are too expensive for tax dollars then clearly someone is mismanaging taxes.

Now Obama is correct that SOME rich people (like 99% of congress) got to where they are through cronyism so therefore they owe the gov for their handouts.

But in general this point is moot. If I am a runner and I win the olympics, a bottle of water costs the same to me as to a fat person who sits and watches TV all day.

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