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That is the direction another 4 years of Obama would take you.

For all the fence sitters in the US who own guns and are still undecided about whether Obama is a menace or not, let this be the final straw that changes your mind. Soros and Obama have the same goal….they want your guns.

Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

George Soros is financing the fight to give the United Nations control of your guns.

Through his Media Matters organization, Soros is dumping pro-UN gun control propaganda into the mainstream media to coincide with the United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty being held in New York July 2–27.

In a blog post published on July 3, Timothy Johnson of Media Matters describes the notion that the United Nations would ever try to take away the right of Americans to keep and bear arms “laughable.”

Johnson goes on to promote the passage of the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) as a means of “curtailing the illicit arms trade” and thus cracking down on those who use these weapons to deny others their “human rights.”

The blog post assures citizens concerned about the potential eradication of the rights guaranteed in the Second Amendment to the Constitution that they have nothing to fear from the UN’s gun control treaty.

Top officials from the United Nations, the United States, and other high profile supporters have repeatedly and clearly said that the treaty does not aim to restrict anyone’s “freedom to own” a gun. Indeed, the UN General Assembly’s resolution on the treaty makes clear that countries will “exclusively” maintain the right within their borders to “regulate internal transfers of arms and national ownership, including through national constitutional protections on private ownerships.”

Constitutionalists will instantly notice a couple of red flags raised by Media Matters’ word choice.

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  1. they want to take your guns so that they can easily take your liberty.

  2. And the UN HQ is in New York, is it not? It’s about time the United States kicked the U.N. out and started a new organisation consisting of only free nations (if there are any left).

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