I say keep stinky in the ground and in hell……….

NOTE: A new attempt at smearing the Joooooos.

Support signalled for Arafat exhumation

The Palestinian leadership signalled on Wednesday that it was ready to exhume the body of Yassir Arafat, in an attempt to verify claims that the Palestinian leader, who died more than seven years ago, may have been poisoned with polonium, a highly radioactive substance.

“The [Palestinian] Authority, as it always has been, is ready to completely co-operate with and clear the way for an investigation into the true causes leading to the martyrdom of the late president,” said Nabil Abu Rudeinah, the authority’s spokesman.

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  1. When they find he died of AIDS how long will it take to blame Israel?

  2. What’s that coming over the hill ?
    It’s Stinky Winky Arafat !


  3. Polonium-210 has a short half-life. The residue elements that are left can sometimes be an indicator that Polonium was present but as time passes it will be virtually impossible to prove. Arafat died several years ago and I believe that it’s probably too late for an autopsy to reveal any conclusive proof now, but I suspect that the Palestinians are not really very good at Nuclear Physics.
    There are other radioactive substances that could be used to poison someone but I think that the Palestinians picked Polonium as a suspect substance because that was the one used in the Alexander Litvinenko case, and therefore is probably the only one that they have ever heard of!

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