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Jacked up on jihad, a convert is ready to commit murder in Islam’s name, like this guy for an example.

Norwegian man trained by Al Qaeda in Yemen is planning an attack on the West, say security forces

  • Officials from three European agencies reveal fear
  • Intelligence officials have long feared such a scenario
  • The man is believed to be ready to strike


PUBLISHED: 15:49 GMT, 26 June 2012 | UPDATED: 15:52 GMT, 26 June 2012

A trained terrorist from Norway is awaiting orders to carry out an attack on the West, officials from three European security agencies have revealed.

The man is believed to have received terrorist training from Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen and is ready to strike.

Western intelligence officials have long feared such a scenario – a convert to Islam who is trained in terrorist methods and can blend in easily in Europe and the U.S., traveling without visa restrictions.

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6 Responses

  1. Border security won’t be able to scrutinise Nordic types with muslim tells, as of course that would be completely unacceptable profiling /sarc

  2. Converts to Islam have to be the stupidest people on Earth, especially ones from Western civilized backgrounds. What level of brainwashing would convince someone to become a mass-murderer and believe that they are doing this for God? These people probably had serious issues in the first place, loners with social problems, the sort of people that Islamists target in the first place. It just shows how sick this cult really is!

  3. First thing, he does look stupid. Next, you can imagine he willingly accepted an invitation “to know more about islam”, and from then on was easily seduced into it. Tragic. He is the one who should be tested by the psycho teams from the Oslo court, if anyone.

  4. Let’s just hope he is too stupid to be capable of striking.

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