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Mr. West is right, the Arab Spring has been indeed a nightmare, all that’s happened is a process by which totalitarians rise to power, and Obama praises the outcome. Congressman West can always be counted on to call it as he sees it, and he’s usually, if not always, right on the money.

NOTE: Obama and his administration has inflicted upon the US a nightmare of his own.

Money quote (out of many already said)

“Now we need to unequivocally reiterate our support to the Coptic Christians and Israel,” West said on his Facebook page. “What an incredible foreign policy faux pas by the second coming of President Jimmy Carter, the Obama Administration.”

The Mohamed Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood win in Egypt has caused something of a divided reaction. Though many have seen it as an important step in international politics and Egypt’s progress toward a truly Democratic system, others have voiced reluctant fears stemming from the shift in power. Though congratulating Morsi on his win, the White House added that Egypt’s new administration should make moves to protect its non-Muslim population, signaling a minor concern that the shift in rule toward an Islamist system could cause trouble in the region, reports Fox News.

“We believe in the importance of the new Egyptian government upholding universal values, and respecting the rights of all Egyptian citizens — including women and religious minorities such as Coptic Christians,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said in a statement. “Millions of Egyptians voted in the election, and President-elect Morsi and the new Egyptian government have both the legitimacy and responsibility of representing a diverse and courageous citizenry.”

Some have been less delicate in voicing their concerns. Tea-Party Representative Allen West has expressed his concern that a shift toward more unilateral Islamist control is a danger to to the region, and even to the United States, reports Politico. He has since urged President Obama to “denounce the results of this election, repudiate the Muslim Brotherhood, and all radical Islamist political entities.”

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  1. Allen West should really be the President of the United States.

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