Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands



Is it any wonder why Jews are leaving Europe, and why the notion of Islamophobia a ruse?  Jews are feeling the pinch everywhere, and Muslims, well, they just flex their muscle and keep the level of intimidation up as they cry victim. Are some Muslims and various Islamic establishments victimized, sure, but so are Christians and Christian places of worship.

Jew are a small minority, domestically and internationally, while domestically most Christians and Muslims are not, especially on the international level. There is just no comparison to be made with Judeophobia/anti-Semitism and ‘Islamofauxbia’, one is a real phenomenon, the other a concoction of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via BadNewsFromTheNetherlands

More in Dutch here.

NOTE: Read BNFTN’s report here.

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  1. Not just the Netherlands. I live in NYC and recently some fuckng A-rab started talking about gas chambers while nodding his head in my direction while we were in line at McDonalds.

    “Looks like we have another one for the gas chamber. Better make room in the gas chamber, better shove the dead old lady aside to make room…”

    This was last year in NYC a mile from ground zero.

    This is NOT just happening n Europe.

  2. And not for nothing, when we read of “hate crimes” against muslims in this country, that is exactly how those “hate crimes” really start.

  3. We should all know by now that you can’t appease Muslims and that violence is the only language that they understand – well, I believe that violence is the only language that Leftist enabler’s understand and here’s why:
    One of the reasons that the Left, the MSM and so on, support Islam is because they are afraid of it. They know that if you criticize Islam you are likely to receive death threats. They too understand the power of violence and they respect it and fear it. They are cowards and don’t understand that bullies need to be stood up to.
    One day soon a tough counterjihad organization will come along that will put the Leftist head between a ‘rock and a hard place’ where they will have to chose between Muslim violence or counterjihad violence. Can you imagine what would happen if you were told to support Islam or face the consequences, but at the same time someone else was telling you to stand against Islam or face the consequences? What would you do? You would have to weigh up the odds and decide whose side you are on.
    In the end, whatever the outcome the Leftists will be left with no friends. They will be seen as traitors to both sides. Watch them squirm then!

  4. The news from Norway gets only worse. I fear their evil attitude against Jewish people creeping into Finland. Please say it’s not going to happen! That would make me sick. Also, I don’t plan to be quiet when I hear such ugly insults. I’ll be very open and loud about it. My voice is usually a quiet, soft one but I can make it carry very far when need be.

    Truthiocity, please don’t be quiet. I know it’s frightening to confront a group of pigs talking filth and it could get violent. Complain in a strong, clear voice to the restaurant Mgr and let him/her phone the cops if need be.

    Such ugliness really gets me upset!

  5. Cloudberry. I did confront him politely. But I was tipsy and didn’t connect the curs head bobs with what he was saying till I got home. It was so bizarre that I just didn’t make the connection that someone was being antisemetic about me.

    I thought he was puerto rican because of the neighborhood and so was saying things out of ingnorance of world events and out of anger at the staff because his order was taking too long.

    In the conversation it came out that he was arab and knew I was jewish. But I was tipsy and didn’t put 2 and 2 together till I got home.

    An intersting thing. He was expecting me to speak up. As soon as I spoke up his attituded did a 180 and he became all smiles and said it was just jokes and that he was a stand up comedian and it was part of his act. All lies of course and it was a pre planned reaction to being confronted. He definatly meant to fuck with my head.

  6. I’m so glad to hear you stood up to the jerk, Truthiocity. He may have thought he was clever but he needed to know he would be called on it.
    What a hilarious guy to talk about killing??? He should take his show on the road . . . . . to the UAE. His ‘humor’ is definitely not appreciated in the civilized world.

    Please have a good summer and don’t let the bad guys get you down! 🙂

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