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Gee, at least she’s not calling for the baby to be aborted.

The will of the state and the statists that implements its policies will not be objected to, nor dismissed by a lowly citizen who dares to reject their policies, let alone hold opposing views. This is a case of dissident “getting her mind right” by the un-elected state bureaucracy.

NOTE: Not only is she recanting her EDL loyalties, her husband is an active member of the armed forces, and stands to lose his yet to be born child.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” ― Noam Chomsky

An excerpt: “Toni now accepts she was wrong to have gone on EDL demonstrations but freedom of speech means nothing if people are not allowed to say things that are thought to be wrong.”

More here.

H/T: Frank Kitman

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  1. What the F###!
    Keep your god damm filthy paws off us you dirty apes. We do not want to be part of your collective.
    Where are the lawyers. This story is enough to start a riot.
    Filthy leftard bastards. UK Soviet style tyranny.
    I’m angry.

  2. She does not sound like mother of the year, but I thought an intention to remove before birth was reserved for drug addicts, moms who had other kids in care already, or serious mental illness–and if no friends or family were available. She needs a lawyer.

  3. From what I know of Durham County Council, they’re very keen on the ‘diversity’ meme. In fact, they used to regularly advise their employees, via their intranet, of the dates of mohammedan holy days and such like. I don’t know if this is still the state of affairs, but I imagine that it is. Undoubtedly, those in the budget hungry Social Services department are well versed in the tenets of correct thinking, it’s obligatory.

    The irony is that the county itself is relatively unscathed by mass mohammedan immigration, although the city, or to be more precise, the university is a hotbed of ‘islamic study’. For instance


    and if you’re after some Shari-ah compliant finance, then get yourself along to this

    And I’d like to think that the security services (including the Mossad) are keeping an eye on the large middle eastern contingent in the Physics department.

    The antics of a violence prone thirty-something doesn’t bother me as much as all this ‘academic’ activity, for sure.

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