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H/T Vlad, via Durotrigan

“We don’t want hate, you know?

“We’re all the same, we’re all human beings and (pointing to a grave) we’re all going the same way.”

The cemetery is close to the Beeston area of Leeds where the 7 July bombers had connections.

‘It’s unacceptable’

More here.

NOTE: While it’s true that we all are human beings, it’s not true that we are all the same, and that we are all going the same way. Islam is unlike any other ideology and it’s true believers, those who insist on instilling the sharia wherever a Muslim community resides, pose an existential threat to that society. Reject sharia outside of the home, and ensure that civilian law affects every level of society, and you’ll have the makings of a more normal society.

4 Responses

  1. musturds, bored with vandalising Jewish graves, now “black flag” their own and scream “VICTIM”.

  2. A good way to indicate your sincerity in not “wanting hate” is to make a point of distancing yourself from ideologies and ideologues that preach the virtue and holiness of activities such as blowing up innocent people on the bus. Islam is a sickness and a filth on the face of civilization.

  3. PS: No, we are not “all the same.” For example, some people think it’s OK to set off bombs on public transport and fly jetliners into skyscrapers in the name of a murderous fantasy created by a paranoid schizophrenic robber, rapist, and killer in the Arabian desert 1400 years ago. Personally, I, and everyone I know, don’t.

  4. Is it safe to assume that the ‘remains’ of the combustible mohammedan could’ve easily been disposed of in a matchbox somewhere out of public view? Surely, this would’ve been the best option, given that similarly inclined, teenaged masturbatory fantasists may well be attracted to the noble jihadi’s earthly hole, like flies around a turd.

    However, regardless of its juvenile shock value, vandalising graves isn’t a very clever tactic. With that in mind, I’d imagine that the malicious, pea-brained inadequates responsible for these actions will get themselves arrested when they start bragging about it on Facebook.

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