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The Left loves to rub elbows with tyrants, and pimp their main stars.

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Guardian publishes praise of Hamas from Palestine Telegraph writer
Lucy Lips, June 8th 2012, 9:14 pm

The Guardian has published a piece by Nader Elkhuzundar this evening. Elkhuzundar writes:

Hamas has always been the spike in Israel’s throat. The latter took advantage of this and tightened up the siege on the Gaza Strip, in the name of “self defence” and anti-terrorism acts. The Gazan border is almost always closed. […]

Hamas has slowly stripped the big families in the Gaza Strip of their weapons, which has made Gaza safer by almost eliminating the murders and by making accessible streets and neighbourhoods one couldn’t enter before.

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  1. Hamas has been “the spike at Israel’s throat”? They have been rather more the spike at the throat of other Palestinian Arabs – Fatah members, women, Christians, gays, UN personnel, Red Cross staffers, Egypt, young children forcibly used as live human shields… the list goes on and on.
    If only the writer would remove those rose-tinted specs and use the more blood-bespattered glasses provided by the Hamas that all normal, civilised people know only too well.
    Thankfully, stupidity is not illegal, otherwise the ranks of the media would be very thin indeed.

      1. Every country seems to have a Breivik news outlet. In fact, Holland has several. I wish for an alternative like Sun News Network in Canada, but that won’t be very popular in Europe. Everything needs to be subsidized. What a sad story we have become.

  2. The Guardian is sinking deeper and deeper into delusional insanity. So enmeshed is it in the world view of the Islamists it supports that all insight into the way it might come across to intelligent people, all pretence of ethical journalism and disinterested, unbiased reporting about the Middle East has been thrown away. It has become a parody of the once-great liberal newspaper it used to be and its publishing of anything from an Islamist terrorist, let alone this one, is proof of that.

    We should be asking ourselves why The Guardian and particularly Comment is Free has sunk to the depths it has. It is loosing money at a rate of knots and yet it is still able to keep afloat. Perhaps accepting articles from scum like Islamist useful idiots like Ben White and Islamist scum general is a precondition of “financial support” from Islamist regimes? That is at least plausible and could account for its relentless focus on hatred of Israel, its pro-Hamas bias, and its downward spiral in standards.

    Hamas is only marginally less able to lie than it is to murder. Haniyeh’s article on the Guardian’s CiF Watch has marked a tipping point in the Guardian’s fortunes. Elkhuzundar’s burblings will consolidate that downward spiral.

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