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We’ve got a new 1000 seat Shiite mosque, now this.

Vasarahammer tells the TT that the full article was in paper form only in today edition of Kotimaa, A national Lutheran church paper published once every week. Anas Hajjar is promoted as a ‘moderate’ voice of Islam in Finland, sits in all the interfaith dialogue meetings, and seen in state television interview/debate programs.

When scratching below the surface, you know, getting him to divulge his views on the “sharia thinggy”, he slips into traditional mustard mode. He’s for cutting off hands of thieves, and for instituting the sharia in Finland, in its entirety, once the Finnish state is ”ripe for it”.

H/T: Vasarahammer 

Country: Sharia law is already in Finland

Simo Alastalo
07.06.2012 07:30

Kotimaakansi205You could say that Sharia is already very much in force in Finland, says the Islamic Society of Finland Imam Anas Hajjar Thursday’s Kotimaa magazine. According to him, Sharia law, wants to share everything right. According to Hajjar, sharia principles are realized in Finnish legislation fairly well in some of the inheritance and divorce practices.

Sharia according to him, has nothing to do with any activity, which uses religion as a violent struggle to achieve political objectives.

[TT: This is an outright lie. Jihad is the institution by which the sharia is brought into being in a previously non-Muslim country. Whether it is through actual violent jihad, it’s non-violent version of stealth jihad, or through simple demographics.]

Hajjar admitted that harsh sentences are to be part of Sharia law. But this will not be applied until the society is ripe for it.

According to Hajjar in the ideal Islamic state, no one has the need to steal, because society will ensure fair access for all people’s basic needs.

– Only in such a society can Islamic Penal Code be adopted, Hajjar says. He does not object to a thief’s hand being cut off if the thief was not stealing to eat.

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  1. I’m sorry to say this, but like my home nation of Britain, Finland is infested with Islamic (TT: edited, sorry SB, but I have to ensure I’m not running afoul with the thought police here in loony Finland). There is nothing that can be done about it until the host nations acknowledge the infection. Until then, their afflictions will get worse.
    There is no cure for those who don’t seek treatment!
    Finland, like the rest of Scandinavia, is a sick animal. Years and years of liberalism have created this shit.
    Wake up, Finland, before it is too late!

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