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Convincing win.

53% for Gov.Scott Walker, 46% for Barrett.

Walker survives recall election in Wisconsin

Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker beat back a recall challenge Tuesday, winning both the right to finish his term and a voter endorsement of his strategy to curb state spending, which included the explosive measure that eliminated union rights for most public workers.

With his defeat of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the union leaders who rallied for months against Walker’s agenda, the rising GOP star became the first governor in U.S. history to survive a recall attempt.

“Tonight we tell Wisconsin, we tell our country and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders who stand up and make the tough decisions,” Walker said in his victory speech in Waukesha.

The governor said he was committed to working with his opponents, beginning with a friendly get-together with lawmakers of both parties over brats, burgers and “maybe a little bit of good Wisconsin beer.”

With nearly all precincts reporting, Walker had nearly 53 percent of the vote, compared with 46 percent for Barrett, according to unofficial returns tabulated by The Associated Press.

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  1. Scott Walker, a man of the People and a man for Liberty & Freedom in America. This second win just solidified Conservatives strength and shows that We want government small and off our backs. The private sector needs to flourish since it provides for the nations wealth. Lower taxes, less restrictions on business will provided the jobs Americans need. Removing the ball and chain of public sector unions to the States economies, gives working people the much needed extra funds to pay for feeding their families.

    America needs a Scott Walker Conservative in every State.

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