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You have to understand, burn it into your consciousness, that the jihad, it’s sole purpose, is to implement the sharia. Full stop. And our foolish political leaders are opening up their Western countries to it, incorporating it into their legal system, a two tier judicial system mind you, that one day, given Islam’s track record over history, will supplant our own legal system in its entirely, as the demographic numbers shift in their favor.

You can’t look at this in the here and now, but in decades and hundreds of years to come. Just look back and see the civilizations it has taken over and extinguished, and tell me, when has Islam (outside of being beaten back through war) has ever receded from the shores it washed up upon?

That ”light bulb” moment should be enough to give you pause to think, and to mull over what I warn about on a daily basis. If you hold your liberal, conservative views and values to be of such importance, whether you act on them publicly or hold them in private, you should be worried about the future of your children, grand children and successive generations.

NOTE: Islam is a supremacist, racist, totalitarian mono-culture that feeds off the multicultural carcass. If we continue on in the way we have been over the last few decades, these future generations will hold us all in contempt as they bow towards Mecca in complete enslavement.

Make sure you watch it to the very end.

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