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And the apologists will say he’s getting it all wrong!

Fundamentalist Muslims believing, speaking and acting upon the fundamentals of Islam.

It’s why Islamic law and the U.S. constitution can never be reconciled with each other, they are diametrically opposed. The latter, protects and defends individual liberty, the former demolishes it.

NOTE: The raisin bump on his forehead is from years spent slamming his head fervently into the carpet.

Salafi Leader: No Freedom in Islam; Apostates Must be Persecuted

Jihad Watch: Last month, Sheikh Yassir al-Burhami, a prominent figure in Egypt’s Salafi movement—who also hates Christian Coptshates Mother’s Day, and is an advocate of taqiyya—appeared on the Egyptian show Al Hayat Al Youm (“Life Today”), giving his views on the presidential candidates. At one point, the host asked Burhami which of the policies of Abu al-Futuh—the “liberal” Islamist candidate who lost out to the more “conservative” Muslim Brotherhood candidate—he especially rejected.

Burhami started vaguely, saying “There were some things we were concerned about,” adding that they met and discussed these matters with Abu al-Futuh, and how the latter had clarified his position, finally agreeing that he might need to revise his opinion.

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