Belgium Muslim victim card



Lets see how lightly the authorities treat her.

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Police station surrounded

News of the incident spread quickly and soon the police station was surrounded by around 100 youths.

The Brussels West Police Services called in re-enforcements from the Federal Police and other Brussels police forces to contain the situation.

Nevertheless, several windows were smashed and bus-shelters damaged by the youths.

Six people were detained. The Mayor of Molenbeek Philippe Moureaux (Francophone socialist, photo) went to the scene to try and help diffuse the situation.

By 9:30 pm calm had returned to the vicinity of the police station.

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  1. Best way to diffuse the situation is to eliminate all followers of izlam from the country.
    “As long as this accursed book ( the koran) exists, there will never be peace”.
    ………………….William Gladstone, former British Prime Minister

  2. Maybe Vlaams Belang isn’t all wrong. Any of those “youths” who attacked the police station foreign born? They should be deported immediately, regardless of their ages.

  3. Islam can not “show” is Real face that is why Muslims are hiding behind a veil.
    All Muslim,because of their racist religion, actively involved in JIHAD (holy war)against west..and that jihad is being called Cheeting Jihad (to deceive and damage western society and freedom) Sex Jihad to groom young White girl as happening in UK and finally to use weapon against western interest.
    It is still time to stand once for all and give one chance to Muslim to integrate and mix and respect with western society or to return to Pakistan,Iran and Afghanistan to live in their Model societies where ALL THERE HUMAN RIGHTS AND FAITH RIGHTS ARE GUARANTEED.

  4. “News of the incident spread quickly and soon the police station was surrounded by around 100 youths.”

    The author of this article has obviously been reading the Daily Mail and other craven British papers that would rather disembowel their editors in public than risk offending sensibilities by qualifying the “youths” as Muslim.

    1. That’s just the way it goes these days: the real issues have to be sugarcoated. This doesn’t mean however that the general public isn’t aware that such euphemisms don’t serve any real purpose anymore, for these concepts are getting increasingly implausible at this point in time. PC MC media can want to hide the truth as much as they can, but that doesn’t stop making these terms dubious, in the long run they hold no genuine “content” anymore in the mind of the general public. In other words, we all KNOW what it really means by now, whether PC mainstream media want to use these terms or not is de facto a null and void/useless/ academical exercise !

      Let them be stupid, there’s really no point in trying to prove them wrong. If anything, clinging to such concepts like shit to a blanket is what makes PC idiots look stupid and ridiculous of their own accord. They don’t need any help with that, they do a good job of it without any one else giving them a helping hand.

  5. To change Islam Koran must be purged so everyone can live peacefully:

    1) All torture/killer/beheading verses for non-muslims and those who quit Islam must be removed
    2) All words of hatred/fury/evil words towards non-muslims must be removed

    In addition all verses containing violence, cutting of hands, finger tips, terror words must also be removed.

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