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  1. So why on earth do muslims want to go to the Netherlands in the first place? It makes no sense … 😉

    I am pretty sure the great, kind and always helpful Dutch people will be more than happy to pay for one-way tickets back to Marocco and the other muslim holes of origin to all those poor muslims in the Netherlands, who feel this way, and who hate just about everything about the Netherlands and the Dutch.

  2. It’s a good idea. Pay the muslims to leave and don’t let any more in. The ones who take the money to go back,with their families, will inject money into the economies of their countries of origin–a better way to improve those economies than heaping money on the leaders, who then steal it.

  3. Muslims from civilised countries in N. Africa, Africa, Asia, travel thousands of miles, brave many hardships including torture from fellow Muslims, on the way to get to the West. Now that they are here, they feel obliged to tell us how unfortunate we are in not being Muslim.

    Even if this is true, the question remains- where the hell will we go when the West is Islamic?

  4. Ha, ha… I’ve heard it all now. Some unwashed, stinking, sweaty, unshaven, porno-watching pedophile-worshipping Muslim slimeball calling someone else ‘dirty.’
    That’s like Lenin calling Donald Trump a communist!
    Now that’s a real joke!

    1. Those who are ideological fanatics want to submit societies as a whole to the mind-numbing uniformity of a transcendent absolute truth that is eternal and unchangeable. This absolute truth equals Absolute Morality. Fanatics are inherently a self-proclaimed moral elite, i.e. in a sense one may call them “professional moralists”, regardless of whether they are Salafi militants, Wahhabi-inclined imams, “mainstream” imams of the four Sunni madhabs (Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki, Hanbali) or even Shi’ite imams. (Twelver, Ismaili, Zaidi,..)

      The biggest problem of these professional moralists (aka Muslim clerics and militants) however is that, in all their fanatical efforts to instill the fear of Allah into the masses in order to keep those pacified, they have raised the bars of moral purity so high that they themselves regularly “fall of the wagon”, so to speak: they can not attain the same level of compliance to the moral standards they publically profess to obey and that they expect the broader layers of society to submit to. Which we call, in one word, hypocrisy.

      Remember for instance the story of Omar Bakri, professional moralist and thus hypocrite Muslim cleric, forking out £4,000 in CASH for 27-year-old Yasmin Bakri, his secular-oriented (Islam would say Munafiq) daughter, who decided to rail against her father’s fanaticism by turning to pole dancing. All the while he lived on benefits, plus he knew this money was going to sustain his daughter’s living as a pole dancer. (the story posted by KGS on https://tundratabloids.com/2008/09/omar-bakri-mohammeds-family-are-poles.html) In other words, “morality is fine for the elevation of the masses, but it is not for me personally. After all I am the expert on morality, I can say what I want and reinterpret it later should someone criticise me.” That’s actually what it all boils down to.

      By Quranic standards this would definitely make him a Munafiq and eligible to unrelenting persecution. Any Salafi would consequently deem him a kafir, although Salafis themselves can be the worst of hypocrites, all the same. Anjem Choudary used to be a student who liked to browse porn on the net and binge drink alcoholic beverages. (as far as I remember, by his own admission, even !) Fouad Belkacem (AKA Abu Imran) was arrested for burglary in 2004 and as late as 2008, Belgian police suspected him of handling and exporting stolen cars and VAT fraud. ( but the case came to nothing)

  5. “So why on earth do muslims want to go to the Netherlands in the first place? ”

    The reason is called ‘invasion/conquest’. They don’t want to coexist; they want to conquer. That’s why they go to non-muslim countires. They go to spread their cancer named islam.

    I’m not a dutch but as a proud non-muslim i would find insulting to be called ‘dirty’ by a pagan assassin, terrorist, violent, sexual depraved, shameless liar, arrogant, bigot, braindead, et cetera…. muslim.

    Islam is a cancer and as a cancer it needs to be removed.

    1. The advent of Islam started with the conquest of the Byzantines, quickly followed by the conquest of Sassanian Persia. Nothing has changed since.

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