Islam in Finland



All it takes is one for another to follow, and the Finnish political establishment are all cheering it on. Morons.

First Mosque for Shia Muslims Opens in Finland

The first mosque and cultural center for Finland’s Shi’ites was inaugurated in the capital Helsinki earlier this week.

The first mosque and cultural center for Finland’s Shi’ites was inaugurated in the capital Helsinki earlier this week.

Managers of Islamic centers from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Muslim scholars including Hojat-ol-Islams Hakim Elahi, Khademi, and Razavi, Iranian ambassador to Finland Seyyed Rasoul Mousavi, head of Finnish prime minister’s office, and a number of cultural, religious and social personalities attended the inauguration ceremony of the center, which is named after Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (SA).

The mosque has been constructed by the Risalat Ahl-lu-Bayt (AS) Center, which is an affiliate of the World Ahl-lu-Bayt (AS) Assembly.

The center began its activities in Finland ten years ago and now has 1000 registered members. It publishes an Islamic magazine named ‘Salam’ and so far has published 4 Islamic books in the Finnish language.

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  1. I have a question. What are most of the Muslims in Finland, at the moment? I’m guessing that they are Sunni.
    Maybe there is a small silver lining to introducing Shia mosques, as both sects act as pest control for each other. Once they start tearing at each others’ throats then the Finnish people will finally realize that Muslims bring trouble with them wherever they go, and the Leftards will not be able to blame it on anyone else.
    As I’ve said before, Islam’s biggest Achilles Heel is its own division within itself. I can’t name one Western country that’s been infiltrated with both Sunni and Shia Muslims populations to the same extent. It’s usually one sect or the other. The only time Muslims leave non-Muslims alone is when they are fighting each other!

  2. Meanwhile in iran, the islamic “government” (shiite totalitarism of course) chase (pursuit) and jail non-muslims, specially christians and apostates, and force them going into clandestinity by using death threats and psychological presure; close churches, desecrates cementeries, et cetera…

    Finland should be sending that impious mosque to the moon’s surface.

    Islam is the most repulsive (and weakest) ideology that exists.

  3. Pathetically sad and disturbing but not surprising. islam is a malignancy that spreads with a very tiny, stupid, backwards population no matter where the spawn of Satan move to.

    Maybe an ‘accident’ will occur. One never knows what a crazy, educated islamophobe who knows the REAL truth about islam, sharia law and jihad might do.

    One can only hope!

  4. Keep it Shia Muslims, Its really nice to hear this.

    Undoubtedly ISLAM is the only Ideology.. all others are weak theories that couldn’t exist

    1. Islam is an ideology, thanks for clearing that up for us, so it can be criticized as all other ideologies, including fascism and marxism

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