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  1. During Campaign ’08, Sen. O’Bama acknowledged Jeremiah Wright as a close personal friend and spiritual adviser, but also noted that Rev. Wright could be like a grouchy old Uncle around the family dinner table with views he didn’t agree with.

    Apparently, the O’Bama campaign knew Rev. Wright was going to poses some problems in his ’08 election bid. In early 2008, Wright retired as pastor from Trinity United Church of Christ. Yet during his term as lead pastor (or shortly after his retirement) Trinity United purchased a lot in Tinley Park, a predominantly white Chicago suburb, and built Wright a 10,340-square-foot (961 m²) home valued at $1.6 million dollars.

    Every now and then, someone brings up Mitt Romney’s religion as a campaign issue. I often remind them that this is best not made a campaign issue since President O’Bama has a LOT more to answer to than Mitt Romney.

    1. Thanks Hermes…I however blogged it the other day…but many thanks for bringing it to my attention nonetheless.

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