More Muslims are discriminated against and victimized by fellow Muslims than by any other religious, ethnic and racial group.

Two held for shooting imam in northern Sweden

Two men have been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of an imam who remains in a coma nearly three months after being shot in the head in northern Sweden.

The two men, both of whom are in their 30s, were arrested in Skåne in southern Sweden on Tuesday.

They are suspected of involvement in the February 22nd shooting of Obydkhon Sobitkhony Nazarov, who had served as an imam in Strömsund, where he has lived since coming to Sweden in 2006 as a political refugee from Uzbekistan.

According to prosecutor Krister Petersson, both suspects also hail from Uzbekistan.

One speaks English proficiently, as well as some Swedish, while the other speaks only Uzbek and Russian.

On Wednesday, they were transported from Skåne to Östersund in northern Sweden where investigators continue their efforts to figure out who was behind the shooting of Nazarov.

Nazarov is a known critic of the regime in Uzbekistan and came to Sweden along with scores of other political refugees after a 2005 crackdown by Uzbek government troops in Andijan in which hundreds of protesters were killed, although the exact number of casualties remains in dispute.

At the time of the incident, known as the Andijan massacre, the Uzbek government claimed the demonstrations were organized by Islamic radicals.

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  1. The MSM rarely report Muslim-on-Muslim violence, preferring instead to pretend that all hostilities towards Muslims are caused by the ‘Islamophobia’ of non-Muslims. This is why a lot of people believe that Muslims are angry at the West because of what we are doing to them. The number of times that I have heard people (that I know) who complain about innocent civilian lives that have been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan because of U.S. and British troops, when in actual fact most civilian lives over there are lost because of Muslim violence against their own people, whether it be Taliban attacks on ordinary villagers, or Sunni-Shia squabbles.
    The truth is that were it not for the interfering Leftist enablers, the Muslims wouldn’t stand a chance against us. They are too divided amongst themselves. Divide and conquer is the answer, only we don’t need to divide the Muslims to conquer them as they are already divided. Our problem is that the Left are trying to divide us and they have succeeded for the time being, but thanks to the World Wide Web, and the efforts of sites like this one, we are slowly re-grouping!
    I hope that in time, Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and so, on will realize who their common enemy is, and if and when that day comes then Islam will not stand a chance!

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