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  1. Sacha Baron Cohen knows that he has to distance himself from Islam. He’s not that stupid. Remember that he is a Jew and is walking a tightrope here.
    I believe that a lot of what he does is a subtle attack on Islam but he wisely avoids tackling it head on and leaves us to work it out for ourselves. Remember that Borat was a Jew-hating Kazakhstani, but Cohen cleverly reveals that Borat is actually not a Muslim but ‘worships the Hog’, a great get-out clause if ever there was one!
    Cohen’s latest assault on Middle East dictators is a clever poke-in-the-eye to Arab supremacists and a subtle slap in the face to all Israel and America haters worldwide.

  2. Considering the bad reviews, maybe Cohen should just go all out. There is a market for truth.

  3. If Arab Muslims don’t want to be stereotyped, I suggest they stop acting…stereotypically.

  4. Sasha Baron Cohen’s movies are just plane ICKY.

    I don’t care whether he “insulted Islam” or not. His movies are CEW-RAP!

    The only movie I liked that he played a role in was Talladega Nights. That’s because he was not in the lead.

    The movies Cohen has made where he was in the lead are CEW-RAP!

    Let’s face it, KGS. If we want to “insult Islam” we hardly need any help from Sasha Baron Cohen.

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