Whining Arabs



Wrong you jerk, your peeps are the ones that are the fascists.

The Nakba is the Arab’s national day of whining that they didn’t destroy the Jewish state. So asking, then having to pass a law forbidding elected Israeli officials not to participate in the event….is deemed as an act of ‘fascism’. Just who is kidding who here?

More here.

NOTE: In other words, go pound some sand you jerk, and Russia Today as well. Great powder puff interview, morons.

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  1. This is the same guy trying to shut his opponent up by screaming in the Knesset: “I am the master in this House!”
    They are not into rights, they are into privileges.

  2. Some have been questioning the logic of linking (lending credibility) to RT for some time. The very nature of the source, given it’s history, is manipulation. RT hooks a target audience then plays them like silly putty.

  3. Russia Today ONLY ever creates anti western propoganda. The general strategy of russian propoganda and subverision is to hammer in a wedge wherever there are divisions in other countries.

    They use all manner of subtle tricks that you aren’t meant to notice while casually watching. Stuff that’s supposed to bypass your concious mind (like tone of voice and series of asked but unanswered questions) and create anxiety.

    It is very sophisticated and it’s only purpose is to head fuck you. I NEVER watch RT clips anymore no matter what.

    Also KGB (or FSB or whatever they call themselves these days) tends to police the youtube comments and if that doesn’t creep you out then I don’t know what would.

    Britain has considered banning it along with Iran’s Press TV, which that extremely libral country would never even consider if it was merely a foreign produced news service.

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